Sunday Post #6 | Twelve Days Before Christmas

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The tree is up! But, we are waiting until my oldest daughter returns home before we decorate it. That’s one of her favorite things. I’m now turning my thoughts to food planning. Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas morning breakfast, and cookies, cookies, cookies.

My favorite cookies are Pecan Tassies. My husband’s favorite Christmas treat are Chocolate Chip cookies and the girls like Peanut Butter Kiss cookies, and Snickerdoodles. Yummy 😋 What are your favorite holiday treats?

I finally took the time this week to learn how to use Hootsuite. I love being able to create my Instagram and Twitter posts ahead of time and schedule when they will be posted. It’s so freeing. I plan on utilizing that a lot! Have you tried Hootsuite? What do you think?

Holiday Gift Ideas

Last year, I did a series of posts with holiday gift ideas. I am sharing the links again here in case you need some more ideas.

Bookish Gift Ideas (Ages 9-14)

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Christmas Bookish Stocking Stuffer Ideas

A publicist sent me the pdf of Jeff Wheeler’s upcoming book. She sent it to me because I reviewed Terry Brooks last book (and loved it), and he loved this novel by Wheeler. The funny thing is that I also have reviewed three of Jeff Wheeler’s books and loved them, but this apparently escaped their notice. It’s the little things that keep me chuckling.

Book Description: Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. A brutal war of succession has plunged the court of Kingfountain into a power struggle between a charitable king who took the crown unlawfully and his ambitious rival, Devon Argentine. The balance of power between the two men hinges on the fate of a young boy ensnared in this courtly intrigue. A boy befittingly nicknamed Ransom.

When the Argentine family finally rules, Ransom must make his own way in the world. Opportunities open and shut before him as he journeys along the path to knighthood, blind to a shadowy conspiracy of jealousy and revenge. Securing his place will not be easy, nor will winning the affection of Lady Claire de Murrow, a fiery young heiress from an unpredictably mad kingdom.

Ransom interrupts an abduction plot targeting the Queen of Ceredigion and earns a position in service to her son, the firstborn of the new Argentine dynasty. But conflict and treachery threaten the family, and Ransom must also come to understand and hone his burgeoning powers—abilities that involve more than his mastery with a blade and that make him as much a target as his lord.

The author sent me this Skylar Robbins’ book. I have read another in the series, and it is so fun and so cute. If you have any MG readers on your gift list, I would definitely recommend looking into this series.

Book Description: Thirteen-year-old sleuth Skylar Robbins is about to take on her most dangerous case yet. The challenge: braving a savage enemy while solving the mystery of a strangely frightening idol. Skylar’s new high-tech detective gadgets give her intelligence an extra edge. A canister of Invisi-powder is vital when she and her assistant detective, Alexa, suddenly need to disappear. Earbuds and a small high-powered microphone make up a Soundtrap: perfect for eavesdropping on her crush while he plays My Secret Kiss, or on the boys in the next hut while they devise a terribly risky plan. Her Supalight, visible from half a mile away, enables Skylar’s crew to message her during a midnight attack. Night vision goggles might save her life when she’s chased through a dark jungle with her brilliant partner, Daniel Gannon. Fierce island natives will stop at nothing to prevent the teens from discovering the true meaning of the idols. Will Skylar’s team survive to return to middle school? Or will this field trip be their last adventure?

In case you missed any of my posts last week, you can find them here:

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  • Tuesday: Book Review | The Last to See Her by Courtney Evan Tate (psychological thriller)
  • Wednesday: WWW Wednesday (weekly reads)
  • Thursday: Book Review | The Runes of Destiny by Christina Courtenay (historical fiction with time travel)
  • Friday: Book Blogger Hop: Do you have any bookish ornaments on your Christmas tree?

You know what? I am starting to get Covid-fatigue from all the fictional Covid stories on this season of TV. I can’t watch them anymore. I need to enjoy a fictional world that gives me hope that one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, the world will be normal again. No mask wearing, no travel restrictions, no curfew (NC residents have to be home from 10pm – 5am), no keeping distance from close friends and family, etc… So, Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor, I will miss you until story lines return to a fictional world that gives me hope that one day I will get to easily enjoy life again and see loved ones that are a few states away.

How do you feel about the fictional Covid storylines? How was your week? Did you read or watch anything good?

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    1. Pretty easy. Twitter is very simple and Instagram you just have to mark as a business account. It doesn’t seem to make a difference from my perspective. The only thing to remember is if you are creating a post on your phone or through a tablet, to save your post as a draft if you have to click away from it. If you don’t, it will disappear before you click back.

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  1. Tessa, you stole the words right out of my mouth – There is enough COVID going around, we do not need it in our TV shows too. I get they want to be realistic and it is something they can make into a killer story line but it just makes it so I don’t want to watch it.

    Station 19 is not so bad though so I am still sticking with that.

    My Week In Books & BBH

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    1. I have Station 19 recording but haven’t had a chance to watch any of the episodes yet. It’s good to know I’m safe watching it without adding to my fatigue 😊


  2. No cookies, but I’ll be making energy balls today with dried apricots, hazelnuts (or other nuts, depending on what’s in the kitchen) and oat flakes. My family love them, they don’t last much ! I miss my mother’s bûche de Noël ((Christmas log, it’s a traditional French cake and looks like this : No Bûche I make can ever compare to hers. I haven’t watched any Covid shows, but I’m watching Supernatural, that is depressing and gore enough, lol ! But there are eye candies ^^ Have a great week !
    Here’s my link, since your WordPress blog doesn’t like my Blogger one 😉

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    1. I loved Supernatural. I’m going to miss it in the spring ☹️. I guess I can always rewatch the whole 15 seasons. ❤️. The Bûche looks delicious!


  3. Yum! Christmas Cookies, my mom usually make a million christmas cookies with with the pandemic and losing my dad she just doesn’t feel up to it this year. I wanted to make some but just not sure if I can fit it all in before Christmas. Those pictures sure do make me miss going to her house to bake cookies! 🙂

    I am going over the food list today to get all things organized for holiday dinner. We are keeping it small so I don’t have to cook a lot but I still want to make sure to have a few different options.

    I hope you have an amazing week, Tessa! Happy Reading!

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    1. Christmas cookies are as much a part of Christmas as gifts, I think. I’m sure you will miss your traditions ❤️. It’s that time to plan out the food, isn’t it? You must buy the ingredients before none are left in the stores! Have a wonderful week!


  4. Oh I understand the Covid fatigue! I can’t wait for it to get over and we can get to some sort of normalcy. All your Christmas treat talks has got me hungry for snacks now. I hope you are havign fun!

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    1. You can’t go wrong with cookies – ever! They can have whatever you like in them, be gluten free, sugar free, nut free, whatever your needs and wants dictate ❤️ And Covid-fatigue…it definitely has taken hold at this point. I was doing okay until I was getting in my escapes as well as real life. 🤷🏻‍♀️. Have a wonderful week and make some cookies ❤️

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  5. I think because Covid is talked about so much I’d rather just bypass anything about it, ha.

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  6. I actually haven’t watched anything that has COvid as part of the storyline yet, but then I tend to spend most of my time binging old shows, it’s Alias at the moment.
    In recent years I’ve made cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas Day, I’m going to make a cake version this year though I think. I’m also going to make both lemon and caramel tarts for dessert.

    Wishing you a great reading week

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    1. Those treats sound so good. And yes, I think old shows are the way to go!


  7. I’ve got to get started with the meal planning also – you’ve inspired me, Tessa! I’m with your girls on the cookies. Those Hershey Kiss cookies are the absolute best – which is why I don’t make them. I’d eat every single one of them.

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    1. Oh, none of us have anything that resembles will-power when it comes to cookies which is why we don’t make them very often. Mostly just Christmas and then for random happenings. I could eat the whole batch of pecan tassies in one sitting if I didn’t check myself. Happy planning ❤️


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