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Rating System

I have never liked the star rating system, so I’m going to adopt a rating system that is based on the one Kirkus Reviews uses but is more in line with the title of my blog – Tessa Talks Books. All ratings are talk related and are as follows:

Rave – enthusiastically recommend. I loved it and could talk endlessly about it! (Goodreads rating 4-5)

Mention – the book is well-written, and I liked it – I just didn’t LOVE it. I can happily chat about it just not with any depth. (Goodreads rating 3-4)

Awkward Silence – the book was not my cup of tea. The book probably contains some of the following: overwritten, forced dialogue, underdeveloped characters, grammatical errors that impede reading, etc… (Goodreads rating 1-3)

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