Book Review | Christmas in Cockleberry Bay by Nicola May

Meet old and new characters in the Bay for Christmas fun and frolics.

With both the Corner Shop and Cockleberry Café in safe hands, Rosa turns her attention to Ned’s Gift, the charity set up in memory of the great-grandfather whose legacy turned her life around.

Over at the Ship Hotel, Lucas has his work cut out with his devious new girlfriend and the mystery poisoning of an anonymous hotel inspector. Will the hotel still get its 3-star Seaside Rosette?

Will Mary find true love at last? Can Titch cope with the demands of the shop and being heavily pregnant. And can Rosa, with a baby of her own, pull off the Cockleberry Bay Charity Christmas Concert in time?

Christmas in Cockleberry Bay is a festive delight for fans of Rosa and her cheeky mini dachshund Hot, delivering a feast of unpredictable events and surprises.

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Goodreads’ Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Reading the story took me back to when I was young and used to sit unnoticed in the kitchen. At the same time, my mom and a group of female relatives would talk, totally unaware of the little ears that listened intently. The dialogue has a grittiness that is shocking but oh, so real as to feel like you are little ears listening unnoticed.

I loved the shock of such blatantly real conversations in this story, from menopause to incontinence to romance after baby. May does not sugarcoat these conversations; instead keeps them as accurate as if it was a conversation she overheard. It is so refreshing within the genre to have that bit of grittiness.

My favorite character for this story is Tina Green, mother to single father Danny, and grandmother to Alfie. She showed so much chutzpah and determination to solve the mysteries and make things right for everyone. Rosa is very distracted by her newborn son and other baby-related happenings, so Tina steps up, figures out what’s going, and sets everything right.

I love the ending. It is the perfect ending for this story, and it left me with lots of Christmas feels. I also loved the event Carol-oke. Such a fun concept for a book and a fundraiser, as groups compete with their own renditions of popular Christmas carols.

If you are looking for a Christmas story with a little mystery, a slight grittiness and sass, and a lot of Christmas spirit, look no further!

About the Author

Nicola May is a rom-com superstar. She is the author of eleven romantic comedies, all of which have appeared in the Kindle bestseller charts. Two of them won awards at the Festival of Romance, and another was named ebook of the week in The SunThe Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay became the best-selling Kindle book in the UK, across all genres, in January 2019, and was Amazon’s third-bestselling novel in that year.

She lives near Ascot racecourse with her black-and-white rescue cat, Stan.

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    1. The cover is very different from others in the genre. I find it very interesting. And, thank you! I love a heartwarming holiday story ❤️

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  1. Awesome review, Tessa – really makes me want to read this. I love the idea of the frank conversations – bet some were pretty humorous! Adorable cover.

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    1. Yes, very humorous and I may have even blushed once or twice as I read the conversations. 😊. This book is just so unexpected, from the cover to the frankness. I love that about it.

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