Shining a Spotlight on These Walls Were Never Really There by Bryan Blears

You all know how full my bookish schedule is, but I still wanted to share with you those books that I wanted to read and review but just couldn’t fit into my crazy schedule. These Walls Were Never Really There by Bryan Blears is one of those books that piqued my interest and I thought you all might like. Thank you to The Write Reads for my spot on this blog tour.

Book Blurb

Based on the author’s own experiences of leaving home and travelling across Europe on less than a pound a day, These Walls Were Never Really There is a compelling true story described by publishing editors as ‘immersive and moving’ and ‘a potential prizewinner in the making’.

Initially set in the heart of Manchester’s homeless community, These Walls follows twenty-year-old Cameron, who is propelled on a physical and spiritual journey which will take him far from the life he once knew.

A surprising story about mental health, friendship and redemption, this compelling debut will take you on a journey across Europe and beyond, as Cameron and his travelling companion Jacob navigate perilous border crossings, packs of wolves, and the harsh realities of life on the road.

Set against the backdrop of the emerging Arab Spring, Cameron and Jacob will have their friendship pushed to its limits as they find themselves trapped thousands of miles away from home…

Bryan Blears is an author of contemporary literary fiction from Salford, Manchester. He has written for the Huffington Post, the New Statesman and the Philosophical Society of England, among others.

Focusing on social issues, mental health and overcoming personal adversity, his fiction has been compared to George Orwell, Sylvia Plath and Donna Tartt. His debut novel, These Walls Were Never Really There, has been described by critics as an ‘immersive and moving true story’ and ‘a fantastic talent, and a potential prizewinner in the making.’

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