Sunday Post 96 | October Already?

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This week…what a week. It started pretty quiet then ended with a hurricane and the smoke alarm going off. That totally switched it from a quiet week to a stressful one.

Hurricane Ian came up through the Carolinas after causing so much damage in Florida. We were predicted to have 4 solid days of rain – Friday through Monday – with high winds and possible tornados, as the storm made it’s way through the state. I was only slightly concerned because we are so far in-land that hurricanes rarely have a significant impact. It does happen occasionally, but in twenty odd years, we haven’t experienced it. And true to form – the four days of rain turned into 24 hours. The wind at it’s peak was only about 20mph and no tornados.

But, it turned cold outside on Friday, during the storm. So cold, in fact, that I had to turn on the heat. When we had the AC replaced a few weeks ago that included a new heating system as well. So when I turned the heat on Friday, that was the first time the new system had been turned on – ever. And the smoke alarm went off. We have a very loud smoke alarm that yells at you, so with the loud siren like sound came the words “Fire. You have a fire in the house,” which is really the last thing you want to hear during a rain storm or when you turn your heat on. Fortunately, we did NOT have a fire. We didn’t even see any smoke. Of course, we could smell the heat coming on but that’s all. We’re not sure what triggered the fire alarm.

Such excitement for one day!

So, that was my week – how was yours?

I had quite a few books sent to me this week – even from Penguin and Scribner, and I don’t remember either of them sending me books before or at least not often. I linked the covers to NetGalley in case you see anything that looks interesting to you 😊


YA Thriller – St. Martin’s Press
Gothic Suspense/Thriller – Scribner
Thriller – Penguin (Putnam)

Romantic Comedies

RomCom – St. Martin’s Press
RomCom – Boldwood Books

YA and MG Historical Fantasy

Fantasy – St. Martin’s Press
Childrens – Harper Collins UK

We are still watching The Ring of Power and She-Hulk. I haven’t had a lot of time to stream anything other than these two because the new network shows are out. That means I’m in the process of seeing what new shows I like and what I’ll pass on. Then, there are old favorites like Amazing Race and Survivor – you can never go wrong with those two.

  • Monday (September 26, 2022) Book Review – The Make-Up Test by Jenny L. Howe and Vanessa Jared’s Got A Man by LaQuette (RomComs)
  • Tuesday (September 27, 2022): Book Review – Spells for Forgetting (Mystery with Fantasy elements) by Adrienne Young
  • Wednesday (September 28, 2022) WWW Wednesday
  • Thursday (September 29, 2022) Backlist Book & Audio Review – Book Lovers by Emily Henry (Rom Com)
  • Friday (September 30, 2022) Book Blogger Hop
  • Monday (October 3, 2022) Book Review – The Empress of Time by Kylie Lee Baker (YA Fantasy)
  • Tuesday (October 4, 2022): Backlist Book Review – The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik (YA Fantasy)
  • Wednesday (October 5, 2022) WWW Wednesday
  • Thursday (October 6, 2022) Book Review – Hester by Laurie Lico Albanese (Women’s Fiction/Historical Fiction)
  • Friday (October 7, 2022) Book Blogger Hop

40 Replies to “Sunday Post 96 | October Already?”

  1. Oh gosh that was a fright, glad you’re all doing okay though! September has gone soo fast – so hopefully October can be an even better month!

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  2. What a relief that the hurricane didn’t reach you! We had a problem with our smoke alarm the other day too, but nothing like what you experienced. I’m guessing having a voice shouting at you is more likely to get you out of the house if there was a fire!

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    1. The voice part is so weird and so hard to ignore. The hurricane made it here as a very weak tropical depression. It doesn’t take long for hurricanes to become tropical depressions once they hit land.

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    1. It really was. It went off only seconds after I turned on the heat, so I was afraid that they hadn’t installed it correctly or something. Our heat is gas so there really is a flame you can see.

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  3. We don’t have extreme weather in the UK. This summer our heatwave only lasted two weeks, but we called it a heatwave anyway. I’m rewatching Death in Paradise – It is a detective programme set in the tropics, where you have a very English detective. It is on its tenth series, with four detectives and four actors playing the role. The latest is Neville Parker, and he is on his fourth series. I am also rewatching Rizzoli and Isles. The series has ended, but I would love them to bring out a new series. One of the women is a forensic scientist, the other a no-nonsense detective. I do like a detective series and probably have about twenty I can watch (maybe more).

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  4. I think if the house started screaming “Fire!” at me, that would be very effective! Glad it wasn’t really a fire. Great to hear you made it through Ian okay. I used to live in the Florida Panhandle so I know what it’s like.

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  5. What a week, at least it didn’t seem to affect you as much as it could have, and I’m glad you are safe. I have tried putting the heating on this week too, but it is broken already so I’m hoping it it fixed before it gets really cold 😂 Have a great week 💕

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  6. So glad the storm wasn’t too bad for you. At least you know you’ll wake up if you ever get a real fire.

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  7. Glad you didn’t have any issues with the hurricane. I’m also enjoying Survivor and The Amazing Race! Glad they’re back and on the same night. Although the hour and a half long episodes are a little to get used to! Haven’t actually had the heater come back on yet, but I’ve switched at night to the heat-cool option on the thermostat just in case it got cold enough. But since I like 67 degrees when I sleep, the heat won’t come on unless it gets below 64. Anyway, have a good week!

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  8. I recently read Spells for Forgetting too and loved it. And thanks for linking your ARCS to Netgalley – I clicked through and requested Blackhouse…..My first quarter of next year is quickly filling up with ARCs….I better slow down! Hope you have a great week and find time to enjoy a good book.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

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  9. What a nightmare with the smoke alarm. The weather over there seems pretty scary at the moment. It was on our news here in the UK. I have never experienced a hurricane or tornado. We will be putting off turning the heating on for as long as possible as it is now so expensive to run. It is ridiculous what is happening over here.

    Have a good week and I hope that the weather and temperature settles.

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

    Sunday Post

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      1. Ergh. It is and we have had a Smart Meter put in fairly recently which shows you how much you are using and what it costs each day. It is scary reading. I am scared to put the lights on! What is worse is that we have an electric hob, however I read this morning that there may be a gas shortage so…

        Thank you. You too.

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  10. I’m pleased to hear you weren’t too badly affected by the storms – the devastation around the cost is terrible. I hope you get the issue sorted out with the heating/smoke alarm.

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  11. Sounds like quite the eventful and stressful week! I am so sorry to hear about the weather conditions. Stay safe, and hopefully October will be a much better month!
    Looks like you had a great book haul and have some great books. Wow, Immortality has an impressive cover.

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  12. I’m glad the predictions were wrong and you only had a day of rain! Hurricanes are insane. The damage this one has caused… Also glad your house wasn’t actually on fire! That alarm would terrify me, lol. The beepy noisy ones are bad enough without it talking! 🙂

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  13. We’re Survivor fans also – I’ve watched since the first season. Liking this season so far and have a couple of favs still in the game. Glad your weather wasn’t worse, Tessa – and there was no fire!

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  14. Oh wow! That fire alarm is quite sophisticated, at least in its ability to tell you there’s a fire in the house. All my alarms in my old place did are beep high-pitched sounds. I wonder if that’s because they were from the dark ages. I have no idea what the ones do in my current place. They’re brand new, though, so they might be the same as yours. Hopefully, I’ll never have to find out.

    I’m glad you didn’t get the brunt of Hurricane Ian. I’ve never been in a hurricane and I think it would be so scary, especially where it made landfall in southwest Florida.

    I hope you have a good week!

    My Sunday Post


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