Sunday Post 92: Endings and Beginnings

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What a week! This was my boss’ last week, and she didn’t show up for the second of the two days that I worked – meaning that all of the last-minute questions I had and things I wanted to go over – well, none of that happened. So, I guess it’ll just be how I think it should be done rather than how she did it from now on. I’ll probably be happier with that, anyway. I haven’t flexed that independent-thinking-at-work muscle in so long – I don’t know that I remember how but, hopefully, it’s like riding a bike. 😉

We had our HVAC system (heating and A/C ) replaced this week, finally. It really wasn’t so bad. The house stayed pretty cool. The cats hid. So, only minor disruptions. The new outside unit is twice as big as the old unit and loads more efficient. It’s such a big change that I just had to take a picture so you all could see the difference.

We celebrated my husband’s birthday yesterday. Our youngest daughter, since she’s at home for the time being, got to go out to dinner with us and enjoy some yummy cupcakes. We decided on cupcakes because we all like different frostings, and that was truly the easiest way to accommodate the different tastes. I made sure we still had candles, though!

So, that was my week – how was yours?

I am still sticking by my determination to only take widgets (and only ones of those that sound appealing), but yet I received 10 widgets this week! Now, to be fair, Harlequin Trade Press (now HTP Books) sent out blog tour invites, plus they added widgets for other books. Since it’s so many books, I’ve linked the covers to their NetGalley page instead of putting the description.


YA Fantasy


Romantic Comedy

I read that Echoes is the number 1 show on Netflix, so of course, I had to give it a try. It’s a Psychological Thriller limited series about adult twin sisters who changed places often unbeknownst even to their husbands. (Can I hear you going “eeewwwww” much like I did?) and one of them has gone missing.

  • Monday (August 22, 2022): Blog Tour Book Review – The Wedding Cake by Isabella May (Romantic Comedy). (note: I’m not putting my rating on my review tomorrow because it’s a blog tour book, but the final rating ended up being 3.25 out of 5 stars – though on Goodreads it has almost all 5 stars, so I guess I am far in the minority.)
  • Tuesday (August 23, 2022): Book Review – Please Join Us by Catherine McKenzie (Psychological Thriller)
  • Wednesday (August 24, 2022) WWW Wednesday
  • Thursday (August 25, 2022) Book Review – Lucy Checks In by Dee Ernst (Women’s Fiction)
  • Friday (August 26, 2022) Book Blogger Hop
  • Saturday (August 27, 2022) Blog Tour Spotlight and Excerpt* of Witches of Moonshine Manor by Bianca Marais (Fantasy/Women’s Fiction) (*I will be reviewing this book in October)
  • Monday (August 29, 2022): Blog Tour Book Review – Take My Husband by Ellen Meister (Contemporary Fiction with Dark Humor)
  • Tuesday (August 30, 2022): Book Review – Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney (Psychological Thriller)
  • Wednesday (August 31, 2022) WWW Wednesday & Blog Tour Excerpt of Number One Fan by Meg Elison (Thriller / Horror?)
  • Thursday (September 1, 2022) Book Review – The Dragon’s Promise by Elizabeth Lim (Fantasy)
  • Friday (September 2, 2022) Book Blogger Hop
  • Saturday (September 3, 2022) Book Review – Ten Years by Pernille Hughes (Women’s Fiction)

47 Replies to “Sunday Post 92: Endings and Beginnings”

  1. Happy Birthday to your husband! Wow, that new A/C is so much bigger, I’m sure you’ll have many more cool days to go. I also got the widget for Infamous and I was going back and forth on downloading it as I didn’t love her previous book. But, I finally downloaded it today as I want to see if this second book is better.

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    1. Yeah, I’m just curious about it. I debated too but my curiosity won out. And it’s so,weird how much bigger the system is. I don’t know if increased efficiency = a bigger unit or what 🤷🏻‍♀️


  2. Happy Birthday to your husband, how lovely that one of your daughters was around too. I can’t believe the difference in size between the AC units – not that I really know how they fit in your home or work 😂. Have a good week.

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    1. I think office buildings have huge contraptions but for homes with central heating and air, you have an outside unit like the one in my picture. It pulls the air from outside inside it, cools the air off then sends it into the house to cool the house off. Then there’s another unit inside the house or in the garage that heats up air to heat the house. I don’t really know how that one works though 🤔. We have thermostats inside that control whether heat or air comes on. It’s funny the things you take for granted that people in other parts of the world have never experienced.

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    1. I hope so too. My mind has been racing with changes I want to make. Lol. And I’m a tiny bit worried about the unknowns.


    1. I loved the first book before Empress of Time called The Keeper of Night. It’s about reapers and has lots of Japanese lore. Very interesting.


    1. I’m excited about all those books. There is one or two I’m iffy about but most of the authors I’ve read before and enjoyed so 🤞

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  3. Hi there Tessa! The blond from SA here… But what is a widget?? I take it it’s not quite the same as the widgets we use in WordPress? Or what am I missing here? But ALL your books that you got are simply awesome. I feel like I need to become a little Gretchen or something and just follow in your trail. LOL!

    I also had a really crappy week at work and ended up catching a cold from one of the kids and have it really, really bad. That never happens to me!!

    I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday!

    Have a good week ahead and enjoy all your great reads waiting for you.

    Lots of Love,

    Elza Reads


    1. Oh, no! So sorry you haven’t been feeling well 🤗.

      I guess on a technical level a WP widget and a NetGalley widget might have similarities. It’s what publishers send to you that allows you to bypass the request system in NetGalley. With the link they send, you can automatically “Read Now” the book.


  4. Yes. I got that email from Justine too! Not saying yes to anything until I knock my stack on NetGalley down a bit more, but it is so tempting!

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    1. I was more careful than usual with my choices. I even remembered for once to look up how I felt by the other books the author wrote before choosing.

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  5. Cupcakes on birthdays are a smart idea!! Happy birthday to your husband.
    My sister is watching Echoes and she didn’t tell me why she was saying Ewww but she did. Now I get it. 😀
    Hope everything goes well at work.

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  6. Congrats on the new heating/AC unit, Tessa. Glad it was a simple process, even for the cats. Lol. Happy Birthday to your hubby – any excuse for cupcakes is a good one. 🙂 We finished Echoes on Friday night and, well, I won’t spoil the last episode for you… I hope you enjoy it. And Happy Reading!

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    1. Echoes is very interesting so far. Now, I’m really curious how it ends!

      We were worried about one of the cats possibly getting out as the installers went in and out. And we were worried about the other two, who we knew would hide on the top floor, having access to water and the litter box since the installers had to install parts in the attic. It all worked out though and all cats were still in the house when they were done. 😹

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  7. Glad your AC got fixed. We don’t have such things here in the UK so the heatwave was tough 😶

    A shame your old boss left without a proper handover, but this will definitely be a great opportunity for you to make your mark ☺️

    I do enjoy a cupcake and especially when you are celebrating!

    Have a great week ahead!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

    Sunday Post

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    1. It definitely frustrated me not being able to get answers and then I read her email that answered questions I left on her desk and got frustrated all over again. 😂. I think when she wants to end a sentence with a smiley face in a work email, she might want to reconsider because that was very condescending. Oh, well! All water under the bridge now.

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      1. Ergh I can imagine. And double frustration is the worst! Hmm I wouldn’t do that in a professional setting.

        Yes it is and you can have a nice clean slate 🙂

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  8. Happy birthday to your husband and I’m glad you managed to fix the systems in your house! Those thrillers all look so interesting, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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  9. Happy Birthday to your husband. It is a bank holiday weekend here, and I did a car boot with my daughter. I will be doing another one tomorrow, although she is having much better luck selling her patterns, and anime figures, than my second hand bits and pieces. It all helps though, and I get to spend time with her and my granddaughter.

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    1. How fun that you get to spend that time together. I’m glad your daughter is having a bit of success. Maybe next time, you will have more 🤗

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  10. That’s so frustrating that your old boss didn’t show up to help make sure the transition would go smoothly. I’m sure it’ll all work out, though. Happy birthday to your husband! Cupcakes are awesome because you can customize them so easily. Congrats on the new HVAC system. When we replaced our AC last year, the unit was much bigger too. 😀

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    1. It’s crazy isn’t it? Usually when things get more efficient, they get smaller. I guess that’s not the case for AC.


  11. Happy birthday to your husband! I started watching Echoes Thursday night and finished it Saturday. Wondering if there’s a season 2, but I know it said limited series.

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  12. Wow! That is quite a difference in AC size, isn’t it?? You’ll be heatin’ and chillin’ now, baby!

    Happy birthday to the hubs and YES to cupcakes.

    You’ll do great at work without any advice from the boss. You’ve got this!

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  13. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband, Tessa. I find a lot of people going with cupcakes now. They are so much easier to eat as well, especially with kids. The new HVAC system must be wonderful. Is it helping with the CO2 levels? Have a wonderful week and enjoy all those new books.

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    1. Somewhat. Those CO2 levels went up when my sister and nephews visited – which makes sense since there were 9 people in the house. The house is currently in the yellow range but very close to green. I’m hoping that’ll keep going down, now that we’ve updated the AC and only have 3 people in the house.

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  14. Happy to hear about fixing the HVAC system! I’m happy for you that you got a hold of The Soulmate! I wanted to but didn’t want to mess around to much with my NetGalley ratio. But I hope to read that book in the future!
    Have a great week, Tessa!

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    1. I’ve never worried about my ratio but I’m usually around 80% just naturally. I’m looking forward to The Soulmate!


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