Sunday Post 80 | And Just Like That, Vacation Is Over

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My week at the beach was absolutely wonderful. Our view was incredible. I didn’t even need to go down to the beach because I felt like I was on it just being out on the deck. I even got burned laying out there. There were a couple of tagged sharks seen near the coast too in our area, so going in the water was a bit too much of a risk to me. I have a very healthy respect for sea creatures with rows and rows of teeth. 😲

We did do a lot of fun beach shopping, going to restaurants, and I even flew back home for a night in order to give Theo his meds because the pet sitter, as nice as she was, hadn’t had time to earn the amount of trust from him that it takes to give him his antibiotics. I used Lyft for the first time and discovered I am much too much of a princess to be a fan of it. I much prefer professional car services for the few numbers of time I need it.

This photo is courtesy of our pet sitter ❤️

This week has been all about getting back into the swing of things, so I allowed myself last weekend off from blogging while we got unpacked, did laundry, etc… – all that fun stuff.

How was your week?

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This is two weeks worth, so I just categorized and linked covers to Goodreads for your convenience.


Women’s Fiction



Did you get any good books this week?

In the last two weeks, I’ve been watching both the new season of Stranger Things and the new Disney+ series, Obi Wan Kenobi.

Stranger Things is really scary so far. More like the first season than the last two have been.

I love Obi Wan! The whole premise and the gap it fills in the story. And that young Princess Leia is too cute and sassy. She embodies what I would imagine a younger Princess Leia would be like to perfection.

Did you watch anything good?

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47 Replies to “Sunday Post 80 | And Just Like That, Vacation Is Over”

  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I’m so glad you had a great time away though getting through the laundry afterwards is never fun.
    Those books are a great mix, something for every mood! Enjoy😊

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  2. Your beach pictures are beautiful! It’s always hard to get back into the swing of things, but I hope you get back into a good routine! :))
    Such a great mix of books, I’ve just realised I’ve ever asked what’s your favourite genre?? 😆

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    1. Thrillers and Fantasy are at the top but my tastes are really eclectic. The only thing I’ve never been able to get into,except for research purposes, is nonfiction.

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  3. The beach looks beautiful, such a relaxing place to be. I have been thinking of watching Obi-Wan- Kenobi. I might start watching it, there isn’t much on in the summer months. I went pottery painting yesterday with my daughter, grandson and granddaughter. We spent a relaxing two hours painting plates and a duck.

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  4. That beach view looks incredible – I can just imagine the sound of the waves while lying back in the sun and reading. Heaven!

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  5. Hi Tessa!! Are you too much of a Princess?? LOL!!! I love you more and more the more I learn about you. I’m the same. Let’s not get Elza involved in this conversation though.

    Glad you had such a great vacation. Your pictures are beautiful and I’m glad to see you had loads of time for reading.

    Enjoy being back at home and have a good week!

    Elza Reads

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  6. I LOVE your pictures, thanks for sharing them. I am glad you enjoyed the holidays. I need some romcoms to get back into reading STAT. I hope you have a great week ahead.

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  7. It’s sounds like you had a lovely time! Who doesn’t love the beach? I have just requested Thank You for Listening – I love Julia Whelan as an audiobook narrator and can’t wait to read my first book by her. Have a great week ahead!

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  8. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. Great photos, a bit of a sunburn, and no teeth marks. Thanks for the reminder that Stranger Things has returned! I gotta catch up! Welcome back and Happy Reading. 🙂

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  9. Your pictures look amazing! I am so glad you enjoyed your time away. What resort were you at and where, Tessa? I am always looking for new places to visit. Enjoy your week and happy reading.


    1. We stay in the Palmetto Dunes area of Hilton Head Island. This year we stayed at a condo in a condo complex called Hampton Place. I use Island Getaways to find and reserve rentals. I can recommend all of it. Have been using Island Getaways for over 10 years and have stayed in a number of beach front condos in that area many, many times.

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      1. Thanks for the info, Tessa. I have heard of the Palmetto Dunes area, but not stayed there yet. I usually stay in Myrtle Beach, but a change would be nice.

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  10. I also have a healthy respect for those sharp-toothed sea creatures, so I’d have been happy under my umbrella on the sand, lol. I just finished Evil on Paramount Plus, so I’m starting either Obi-Wan or Stranger Things next. And a new season of The Boys just came out, so there’s that. And I need to finish Moonknight. So many things!

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      1. You should! I started on it, stopped for a while, then went back and caught up. Haven’t started the new season yet, but it’s coming up.

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  11. Oh, I so enjoyed your beach photos and your respect for sea creatures with rows and rows of teeth! 🙂 It looks like you have some great books listed!

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  12. Anyone who loves their kitty enough to fly home just to give them their meds DESERVES a professional car service!!! I would totally do that, too.

    That vacation spot looks absolutely amazing.

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