WWW Wednesday | October 14, 2020

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived on Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m exhausted! With all the pets we have, we have not had a problem with fleas in over 15 years. 15 years!!! But while my daughters were home with their two cats (plus our 3 cats) somehow, someway fleas invaded our space, and I have been having the hardest time making them go away again. My daughters returned to campus with their cats months ago, but I am still battling the fleas on my cats and presumably in my home. I have been cleaning so much everyday that I barely have time to read. And that is possibly the biggest shame of all because I really have some good ARCs this week that I want to be able to enjoy. Darn fleas!!!

Currently Reading

Just by some weird chance, I spotted The Fall of Shanara: The Last Druid by Terry Brooks – the last book ever in the Shanara world – on NetGalley. I read the original trilogy and at least one or two more of subsequent trilogies, so I hit the “Wish For” button thinking I that the wish would never be granted. But, guess what? The publisher granted my wish, and I have been enjoying this story for the last few days (that is, when I’m not battling fleas). Isn’t that cover gorgeous?

About This Book

  • Genre: Epic Fantasy
  • Publication Date : October 20, 2020
  • Print Length : 448 pages
  • Publisher : Del Rey

Hope blooms anew for the Four Lands in this riveting conclusion, not only to the Fall of Shannara series but to the entire Shannara saga—a truly landmark event over forty years in the making!

Since he first began the Shannara saga in 1977, Terry Brooks has had a clear idea of how the series should end, and now that moment is at hand.

As the Four Lands reels under the Skaar invasion—spearheaded by a warlike people determined to make this land their own—our heroes must decide what they will risk to save the integrity of their home. Even as one group remains to defend the Four Lands, another is undertaking a perilous journey across the sea to the Skaar homeland, carrying with them a new piece of technology that could change the face of the world forever. And yet a third is trapped in a deadly realm from which there may be no escape.

Filled with twists and turns and epic feats of derring-do—not untouched by tragedy—this is vintage Terry Brooks, and a fitting end to a saga that has gathered generations of readers into its fold.

Just Finished

The Mirror Man by Jane Gilmartin was such a surprise. A sci-fi thriller about cloning but with so much more under the surface that it was a genuine pleasure to read. Harlequin Trade sent me the widget, and I am so glad I went ahead and signed up for their tour of this book.

About This Book

  • Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
  • Print Length: 352 pages
  • Publisher: MIRA
  • Publication Date: October 20, 2020

Meet Jeremiah Adams. There are two of him.

The offer is too tempting: be part of a scientific breakthrough, step out of his life for a year, and be paid hugely for it. When ViMed Pharmaceutical asks Jeremiah to be part of an illegal cloning experiment, he sees it as a break from an existence he feels disconnected from. No one will know he’s been replaced—not the son who ignores him, not his increasingly distant wife—since a revolutionary drug called Meld can transfer his consciousness and memories to his copy.

From a luxurious apartment, he watches the clone navigate his day-to-day life. But soon Jeremiah discovers that examining himself from an outsider’s perspective isn’t what he thought it would be, and he watches in horror as “his” life spirals out of control. ViMed needs the experiment to succeed—they won’t call it off, and are prepared to remove any obstacle. With his family in danger, Jeremiah needs to finally find the courage to face himself head-on.

Reading Next

The same day that I saw the Terry Brooks book, I also saw Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella, and I adore Sophie Kinsella books (I’ve read all of the Shopaholic books). So, I requested it, just because – never thinking they would approve my request but they did, so that is the book I will enjoy next. It never hurts to ask, right?

About This Book

  • Genre: Humorous Fiction
  • Print Length: 432 pages
  • Publisher: The Dial Press
  • Publication Date: October 27, 2020

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of I Owe You One, an utterly delightful novel about a woman who ditches her dating app for a writer’s retreat in Italy—only to find that real love comes with its own filters

“As close to perfect as romantic comedies get.”—Jenny Colgan, New York Times bestselling author of The Bookshop on the Corner

Call Ava romantic, but she thinks love should be found in the real world, not on apps that filter men by height, job, or astrological sign. She believes in feelings, not algorithms. So after a recent breakup and dating app debacle, she decides to put love on hold and escapes to a remote writers’ retreat in coastal Italy. She’s determined to finish writing the novel she’s been fantasizing about, even though it means leaving her close-knit group of friends and her precious dog, Harold, behind.

At the retreat, she’s not allowed to use her real name or reveal any personal information. When the neighboring martial arts retreat is canceled and a few of its attendees join their small writing community, Ava, now going by “Aria,” meets “Dutch,” a man who seems too good to be true. The two embark on a baggage-free, whirlwind love affair, cliff-jumping into gem-colored Mediterranean waters and exploring the splendor of the Italian coast. Things seem to be perfect for Aria and Dutch.

But then their real identities—Ava and Matt—must return to London. As their fantasy starts to fade, they discover just how different their personal worlds are. From food choices to annoying habits to sauna etiquette . . . are they compatible in anything? And then there’s the prickly situation with Matt’s ex-girlfriend, who isn’t too eager to let him go. As one mishap follows another, it seems while they love each other, they just can’t love each other’s lives. Can they reconcile their differences to find one life together?

Talk to me about the book(s) you are reading this week (in the comments). I love hearing about them. ❤️

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    1. The scourge of pet owners everywhere. They bite and multiply faster than you can kill them. Not to mention expensive to try and get rid of. ☹️

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        1. Well, with dogs, you can put them outside in a fenced in yard and have an exterminator do their thing and not bring the treated dogs back in until it’s safe. The cats are indoor cats and the chemicals used just are never safe for them. I need a flea treatment that works because the normal ones that everyone uses…well, the fleas just think are a joke and the treatments just aren’t doing their job.

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          1. omg Tessa that is one vicious cycle then… Omg maybe there should be something ultrasonic so that the fleas just go away

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  1. Oh my, I had no idea the Shannara books are at an end! I never managed to read one, but, as a fantasy reader for over 20 years, it always seemed to be everywhere with no end in sight to them, so this kind of feels like an end of an era. And maybe I should finally pick up the first book.

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    1. The premise sounds funny, so I am curious. I plan on posting the review on the 24th, so very soon ❤️


  2. So sorry to hear about the fleas. That has to be driving you crazy! And the poor cats…
    I hope you’re able to work it out soon and get back to reading!

    I haven’t read a Shannara book in longer than I can remember, but I did enjoy a number of them back in the day. And I will never forget Menion Leigh from the original (I hope I have that name right). He made quite an impression on me!

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    1. I haven’t read one in ages either that’s why when I saw this one I kind of jumped at the chance to read it. And that character sounds right or close maybe.

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  3. We had fleas last month also for the first time in ages! It was so horrible, we went through all manners of chemical and natural remedies to get rid of them, and the cold has been helping. Hope you can get rid of them soon! Honestly, the flea collars on the cats combined with vacuuming literally every day is what did it for us.

    Love Your Life sounds so adorable! I am reading all spooky mysteries as of now, but that is definitely going on my TBR. Happy reading 🙂

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    1. I keep hoping for cooler weather. May let my house get pretty cold too. I feel like the fleas just mocked me for using Advantage and then the next month Frontline. We literally found live ones near the area where we put the topical just a few days after applying it 🤯

      I can’t wait to start Love Your Life. It sounds so funny ❤️

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    1. The Mirror Man is very good. I highly recommend it. I’ll be posting a review with an extract on the 26th, so you can see what you think of that ❤️


  4. Oh no – good luck with the fleas! I didn’t know the Wish for It button actually…granted wishes either? I thought it was a super rare thing but I’m glad you got it! Enjoy your week 🙂

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    1. I’ve gotten a few wish books. The only problem is that you have no idea if you should keep room to read it before publication day but I just try to go with it 😊


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