WWW Wednesday | Escape reads for the end of July

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived on Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

I just finished Blood World by Chris Mooney. It’s a techno thriller or thriller with a bit of sci-fi. The thriller aspect of this story is spot-on. It goes and goes without any breaks or lulls. But, the sci-fi part – simply put, it’s not explained adequately enough. It’s interesting but I needed a more through explanation in order to adequately suspend disbelief. All-in-all I thought this was a great crime thriller but not such a great sci-fi novel.

Yesterday, I started Love Sold Separately which sounds like a RomCom but is actually a cozy-ish mystery with a good dose of humor. So far, it is light and entertaining and after the intensity of Blood World is a very welcome change. I think the fact that the title and even cover scream RomCom, though it’s not, has hurt it in early reviews, but I enjoy cozy mysteries, so I am hopeful that it will finish as good as it started.

My next read is the last in the Harlequin Trade summer mystery blog tour – When I Was You by Amber Garza. It’s another Psychological Thriller and I do love the genre ❤️. I’m excited to read it, though sad to see the summer blog tour’s end.

So tell me about what you are reading this week in the comments and share your WWW link if you have one! I look forward to hearing about your reads 😊

Currently Reading

Genre: Mystery (cozy-ish with a good dose of humor)

Book Description

  • Print Length: 336 pages
  • Publisher: MIRA Books
  • Publication Date: August 25, 2020

Book Summary

She might just make it after all…

Starting out single in the big city as an actor in her twenties, Dana Barry was sure she was on her way to success. But now, newly unemployed, her life is a mess…that is, until she hears The Shopping Channel is auditioning. Relying on her keen eye for detail, sheer bravado and knack for knowing what makes people tick, she lands the host job. While navigating tricky office politics, Dana is caught in the drama when the star host who hired her is found dead. She knows the prime suspect, a male colleague, is innocent—they were sharing some “alone time” together on the rooftop when they both heard the gunshot. Complicating things for Dana is the electric chemistry she feels with the handsome detective in charge. She is so close to having it all if, just this once, she doesn’t screw up. But trouble seems to come easier to Dana, and, she finds, it’s often a lot more fun.

Just Finished

Genre: Techno Thriller

Book Details

  • Print Length: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley Books
  • Publication Date: August 18, 2020

Book Summary

A drug that makes the blood of carriers a fountain of youth, a psychopath who doesn’t care how many bodies he leaves in his wake, and an LAPD detective hopelessly compromised by a dark secret. Together, they’re an explosive mix that’s going to shatter the city of Los Angeles into a million corpuscles.

The most valuable commodity on earth is the blood of “carriers.” These young people hold within them a virtual fountain of youth. Those with the right genes produce blood that, when treated with a new wonder drug, cures disease, increases power, and makes the recipient a virtual superman.

It also makes the carriers targets. Blood farms filled with kidnapped children spring up around the country, and Los Angeles is at the center of this blood-dealing world. The police are overwhelmed.

Ellie Bautista became an LAPD officer specifically to fight this evil as a member of the Blood Squad, but she has been consistently denied a transfer to the prestigious unit–until the day she and her partner are ambushed during a routine stop. The resulting events plunge her into an undercover world more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

A madman has found a way to increase the potency of the blood to levels previously unimagined. As he cuts a bloody swath through the already deadly world of blood cartels, Ellie is the only hope to stop him before the body count rises.

Reading Next

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Book Details

  • Print Length: 368 pages
  • Publisher: MIRA Books
  • Publication Date: August 25, 2020

Book Summary

You meets Fatal Attraction in this up-all-night psychological thriller about a lonely empty-nester’s growing obsession with a young mother who shares her name.

It all begins on an ordinary fall morning, when Kelly Medina gets a call from her son’s pediatrician to confirm her upcoming “well-baby” appointment. It’s a cruel mistake; her son left for college a year ago, and Kelly has never felt so alone. The receptionist quickly apologizes: there’s another mother in town named Kelly Medina, and she must have gotten their numbers switched.

But Kelly can’t stop thinking about the woman who shares her name. Lives in her same town. Has a son she can still hold, and her whole life ahead of her. She can’t help looking for her: at the grocery store, at the gym, on social media. When Kelly just happens to bump into the single mother outside that pediatrician’s office, it’s simple curiosity getting the better of her.

Their unlikely friendship brings Kelly a renewed sense of purpose, taking care of this young woman and her adorable baby boy. But that friendship quickly turns to obsession, and when one Kelly disappears, well, the other one may know why.

What are you reading this week?

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    1. Every Last Fear looks good.❤️❤️. Looking forward to When I Was You. I’ve seen good things about it.


    1. It is, isn’t it? I kind of like that ❤️. I’ve heard good things about When I Was You, so hopefully I’ll have another book for your bursting at the seams TBR 😊

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  1. Wow – When I Was You sounds fantastic! Those comp titles grabbed me right away. Look forward to seeing your review on this one, Tessa.

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    1. It does. It was pretty intense- in a good way. Just wish they explained about what makes the blood unique a little more. But still a great thriller.

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    1. This has been a great reading week for sure! I’ve flown through the books ❤️


    1. I know! I’ve definitely been sent more than my fair share of thrillers for the summer but most have been wonderful ❤️

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