Sunday Post 03122023 | Springing Forward

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It’s that time again when time has moved one hour forward. So, I will be spending the entire week to come trying to adjust. It’s never easy. You would think 1 hour wouldn’t be that big of a deal, yet it is.

My oldest daughter is going back to her apartment in a different part of the state today. Hopefully, she is going back feeling better about things. We tried to help her, anyway.

The weather this weekend has turned winter-like. It’s suppose to warm back up to spring temperatures this week though. My week was pretty quiet all-in-all. I like quiet weeks. ☺️

So, that was my week – how was yours?

NetGalley & Physical Book Haul

Berkley sent me a physical book.
Berkley sent me a physical book.

There was not much new I wanted to watch this week. We are continuing on with Mandalorian and Picard. The only thing we watched new was the new season of Top Chef which is International this year. Very cool.

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29 Replies to “Sunday Post 03122023 | Springing Forward”

  1. Thanks for reminding me about Top Chef. I love that show. I’m doing the time change this time too as I’m in California. I haven’t done one in 6 years!


  2. We have our clocks go forward in two weeks. I’m looking forward to it as i love the lighter evenings. You have some really interesting books to read this week. I hope that you enjoy them all.

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    1. It’s always tough for my body to get adjusted. I’ll take OTC sleep meds tonight to see if that helps get me on the new schedule.


  3. I got The Forest Grimm too! I wish daylight savings wasn’t a thing lol.

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    1. That is weird. They moved our fall back to later in the year and our spring forward to earlier in the year but I have no idea why.


    1. I’m thinking 6 am is going to come way too soon tomorrow morning. Hope it continues to be a not bad adjustment for you. Have a great week!


  4. I would love to get rid of daylight savings time altogether. If somebody has started a movement for that, I’ll join. I enjoy Top Chef too, and I’ve been watching Gordon Ramsey’s Next Level Chef. That’s pretty good.

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    1. They talk about getting rid of it all the time but never do.

      I’ve been watching the new Gordon Ramsey show off and on too. It’s a interesting cooking competition.


  5. It’s only one hour but it’s insane what it does to us! My son has been a monster today. haha. I had to take a nap already and was about to have some coffee at 3pm. lol. Then there was snow on the ground and it’s been snowing off and on today. Cold for a few more days then in the 60s for a couple days for it to fall back to 40. SIGH.

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    1. That’s how the weather is here too minus the snow. We didn’t see even one flake this winter or recently. Hopefully we will all adjust to the time change quickly! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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  6. I am not a big fan of Daylight Savings Time either Tessa. I wish they would get rid of it. Having a quiet week every now and again is a good thing. Enjoy your week and all your new books.

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  7. You just reminded me I’m an episode behind on The Mandalorian. I also need to get caught up on The Last of Us. Have a great week, Tessa!


  8. Sounds like things are quiet, Tessa, and that’s good! Sometimes life gets so hectic. What an interesting book haul. You have some variety coming up. I love the cover of The Last Russian Doll. Intrigued for sure. Happy Reading. 🙂


  9. Just as I was getting used to my 6:00 am walk was now in the light, I’m back in the dark again so I’m feeling your disorientation. Hope your daughter is okay as she continues to find her way.

    Have a great week, Tessa💜


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