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I tripped on the stairs on Wednesday, which many of you already know. I did catch myself using the rail, so fortunately I didn’t take a fall. Unfortunately, my ankle twisted in the process.

I was sent to two doctors, the last being an orthopedic specialist and they determined that I tore the ligament in my ankle. My second sports type injury in 15 years! Astounding for someone who doesn’t play any sports

I will be in a boot (see picture) and crutches until the 24th when I’ll be re-evaluated and hopefully will be changed to a smaller ankle brace and start physical therapy. They start physical therapy now before you finish healing because they have found it is much more successful in the long run.

I’m still so tired that I sleep for a large part of the day but hopefully that will change soon. I’m going to do smaller reviews for the books I have on deck for at least this week maybe the whole two weeks I’m in the boot/crutches combo. I think that will give me a break without putting me behind.

But anyway, that was my week. I’ve spent way too much time in pain and way too much time in doctor’s offices. I do have to take time off from work – doctor’s orders. 😇. And today, I still get to enjoy some yummy Super Bowl food.

So, that was my week – how was yours?

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  1. What a mess. I hope you feel much better soon and are able to get some rest and heal. Pain meds knock me out and I usually end up just sitting in the recliner and watching bad tv and dozing off and on.

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    1. That’s what I’ll be doing. My husband won’t go to work for fear I will fall going up and down the steps, so I told him we’d do a trial run tomorrow of me just hanging out on the main floor in the recliner and see how that goes.


    1. Me too. I stopped taking the powerful meds during the day, keeping them for the night but still I am sleeping so much during the day. I guess that’s my body’s way of reserving the energy it needs to heal maybe.

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  2. Tessa, I am very sorry to hear about your injury. I pray you are able to get the rest and healing you need, and are able to use your time off to read 🙏 In comparison my week was pretty regular 😅

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    1. I am glad you had a normal week. I wish I had too but I will take all the prayers I can get for healing. I’ve been following instructions so everything is going okay. There’s still quite a bit of swelling but I don’t think they expected it to go away immediately. Hope you have another good week!

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    1. Ooo…I did enjoy the food. It was very naughty fried food but yummy too. I’m sure as the ankle heals, my body will go back to only requiring a normal amount of sleep.

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  3. Oh no, Tessa! I feel for you. I’ve known a few people who had one of those boots. I hope on the 24th you’re able to get switched over to a smaller support. (BTW, I love that you pointed out the “cat” in the photo, LOL)>

    Take care of yourself and feel better!

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    1. The boots are good and bad. It’s definitely giving my ankle the stability it lost with the injury and protecting it but it’s not very comfortable. It reminds me of wearing a ski boot comfort level-wise. My husband was cracking up over my labeling too. Just a little fun!

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  4. I hope the healing process goes smoothly for you. When my children were young I had a similar mishap on a step, resulting in a massively swollen ankle. Back then I was just told to not put any weight on it – not easy with three kids under 6! I remember having to crawl or hop around the house for a week or so until I could limp around.

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    1. Oh, that’s awful but yes, they were not as detailed about what happened years ago. It was either broken or a sprain – there were no levels or worrying about whether or not you tore a ligament which is a much more complex healing process.

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  5. I remember when Son #1 had to wear one of those in high school – but it was because of a soccer injury. It’s not fair that it happened to you and you weren’t even playing sports! Wishing you a speedy revcovery and lots of reading, Tessa.

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    1. At least when I tore my ACL 15 years ago, I was playing tennis. Of course, the problem was that I was wearing outdoor shoes on an indoor court and my feet stuck while my body kept going, which isn’t very athletic. I just think it’s so funny that I’ve managed two injuries that you normally see in athletes and I am definitely not an athlete.

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