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Do you like writing short or long reviews?

(submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer))

I don’t know how to answer that. I write reviews that are shorter than some write and longer than others. So, should I say that I write medium length reviews?

Most of my reviews end up being between 500 and 750 words. I do my best to break it up in a way that makes them read fast. I also try to use an active voice when writing, which also allows for faster reading.

So, I guess what I focus on more is how quickly does it read and also did I say the important things I wanted to say. The length is never a concern for me.

Which is it for you – short or long reviews?

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  1. For me, it depends on the book. Some books I can easily spit out words and other books I’m just staring at my screen trying to get something to come out haha

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  2. I think my reviews are usually on the longer side 🤔 But word count is of no concern to me, I’m not writing a book am I 😄 I just say everything I want to say about a book, sometimes I need a lot of words for that, sometimes I need fewer.

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      1. I use Google documents these days, which has the word count less in-your-face than MS Word does 😂 My cue to call it a day is usually when I’m typing and it jumps to the second page and I’m like okay maybe I should stop talking now 😂

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  3. Interesting question as that view is subjective based on the reader!

    I struggled with the length of my reviews until recently when I segmented them into four categories. Now readers can read as much or as little as they choose based on their familiarity with the title. Your shift to a new format was my impetus to return to this format, one similar to what I used a few years ago. I’d like to say mine is medium length? You be the judge😏

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    1. I like breaking it down. I find that fights the sitting in front of the computer trying to figure out what to say problem. If I’m not sure exactly what I want to say, I start from the bottom and work up because those sections are more factual and not just opinion.

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  4. I feel like my reviews are on the shorter side for a couple reasons – I don’t want to give too much away about the book, and I don’t want readers to feel like they’re slogging through an essay. It my review is really short, it’s probably because I didn’t enjoy the book very much – I’ll never bash authors.

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  5. My reviews are almost always longer than a paragraph, so I guess I fall on the long side. But I don’t consider length so much as including what I think readers should know about a title.

    Sorry to highjack your post for something unrelated, but I know we had trouble emailing each other last year. I’m doing the cookie exchange again and am trying to give more time and be more organized. I posted a sign-up form this past Tuesday, if you’re interested.

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    1. Your post stop coming through me feed. I realized that this week. And since you took a break for a while, I didn’t even think to look into it. I’ll head to your cookie post!

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      1. WordPress unsubscribed me from so many posts. It started happening about a year, year and a half ago. I’d resubscribe, and they’d unsubscribe me again. I finally had to use the reader and customized lists to see people’s posts, and I’m not sure I ever resubscribed to everyone I’d lost. Every time WP has an “improvement” upgrade, something gets worse on my end.

        Sorry I disappeared from your feed. I wish I knew how to fix that.

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  6. Mine are a bit on the longer side, but I’ve got a new mini review format that I’ll use when I don’t have as much to say, but still want to review. I tend to still be long winded though.

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  7. I really enjoy the format of your reviews, Tessa, and don’t think of them as too long or short, but just right. Personally, I think I write short reviews. I usually include a brief synopsis, then my thoughts. They are not too long, about 2 decent paragraphs. I tend to skim reviews if they are too long.

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  8. I would have described yours as long (not in a boring way though!). They are very comprehensive and cover all the important parts of the reading experience. Those hugely long ones (often with accompanying gifs and images) are too long IMHO.

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  9. I’m quite wordy so I tend to write longer everything! 😂 I’ve tried cutting down my reviews and always think about writing mini-reviews but they end up being much longer than what most people write anyway.

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    1. I like doing mini reviews but sometimes I worry with ARCs that the publisher will feel like I’m short changing them. I totally shouldn’t be though, I know.


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