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Are any of your bookcases buckling under the weight of too many books?

(submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer))

Literally – no. Metaphorically – even I’m buckling under the weight of too many books, so yes! I’ve never had any bookcases ever buckle no matter how much I put on them, and I put things like the Riverside edition of Shakespeare’s works which is a tremendously heavy tome. I had to lug that thing to class twice/week too – can you imagine a huge book like that in a backpack on your back. That’s all sorts of craziness.

I have 5 sets of book cases in the house and two sets of double bookcases out in the garage because we have too many windows in this house for me to find a place to put those inside. I still put books on them though.😂 Not the signed editions but still. The books out there look perfectly fine.

I actually found a picture of buckling bookcases on Canva!

Are your bookcases buckling?

37 Replies to “Buckling Bookcases | #BookBloggerHop #bookish #discussionpost”

  1. Same: literally, no (I just add more bookcases 😂) but metaphorically (especially considering my ebooks as well), yes.

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  2. I used to have some crappy bookcases that buckled, but I’ve since invested in better ones and they’re all good. But like you, metaphorically, yes, they are buckling under the weight of all the books I have, even after giving a bunch away (because… I bought more)!

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  3. I’ve been blessed with sturdy built in bookcases. The only exception are three beautiful cabinets I took over from hubby when we got married. They’re all full but not growing since I read digitally exclusively. Metaphorically? It’s a disaster. Organized, but massive. If they were all print, I’d have to build a separate room for them.

    Makes me happy😏

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  4. Surprisingly, no. But I also buy more ebooks than print. Whenever the library sale comes around, I’ll try to donate books. Even though he’s not a big reader, Hubby has a habit of buying books and never finishing them (drives me bonkers). I’m going to a book festival in Charleston, SC in a few weeks, and I know I’ll be adding to the bookshelves – again.

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  5. Nope, but that is because I don’t really have book cases. I just got IVARs and Kallaxs from IKEA. Those are so sturdy you can put all the heavy books on it and they are not impressed. Seriously, I got some chunky Non-Fiction books that would strike fear in many, but these two are just shrugging it off. XD I tried things that were promoted as book cases, aka Billy, but that one? I threw it away after 2-ish years because the shelves were either bend or just broken. And no, I didn’t put a lot of books on it. XD

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  6. My answer is the same as yours, Tessa. Lots of books on the kindle… not so many on bookshelves.

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  7. Mine aren’t buckling because every time they get too full, I donate books to my local library or charitable organizations. My Kindle, however, is another matter of which we won’t speak. It’s a good thing we can carry around so many books in a single device, LOL!

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  8. To be fair.. it’s usually quite difficult to buckle a properly made shelf. That said. I’m surprised more of us don’t have that problem. 🤭
    Have a beautiful week, my friend!

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  9. I love your response, Tessa. I have five bookcases, so they are all stuffed, but none are buckling, but metaphorically, I have to agree.

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