Sunday Post 101722 on Monday | Wonderful Long Weekend Staycation

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When both of our daughters were at college, at first it was very hard for me and my husband. We missed them terribly. But we adapted, and we got to a place where we were enjoying our new routine. And then the youngest came back home.

We love her being at home but we also miss it being just the two of us like it had been. So, when she decided to go spend a long weekend with her sister, our oldest daughter, we made plans for a long weekend staycation for the two of us.

We had a wonderful weekend full of rest, relaxation and talking without even bickering . We enjoyed walks along the lake. Our leaves are just starting to turn but in the mountains- about an hour and a half away – the colors are in full glory.

So, that was my week – how was yours?

Only one book this week! I probably shouldn’t have accepted it but this is the kind of book I definitely would pick up at the bookstore, so how could I not?

A high-octane thriller that sets Dan Clifford against ancient secret societies vying for power in the modern world; in the vein of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series. In The Third Instinct, author Kent Lester brings his signature blend of cutting-edge science, history, and pulse-pounding action to the next Dan Clifford adventure. A shadowy group of bio-hackers called the Firemen threaten to worsen the Covid pandemic by releasing an even more lethal version of the pathogen. But what drives the Firemen and how do their motivations relate to the wealth of the Roman Empire and to the third basic human instinct? The answers may lie with prediction scientist Dan Clifford. Unemployed and struggling with two years of pandemic isolation, he is rebuilding both his career and personal life. His plans to propose to his adrenaline-junkie girlfriend, Rachel Sullivan, are interrupted by the FBI. Dan must connect a maze of clues from the shadowy underworld of Savannah’s hacker community, to the ancient powerbrokers of Rome and in doing so, uncover a hidden agenda of big Pharma and a two-thousand-year-old battle for control of public opinion.

Disney+ put out the whole 2nd season of Big Shot with John Stamos, so of course that means we have to binge watch it. And binge watch it we did! Well, most of it anyway 😃

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30 Replies to “Sunday Post 101722 on Monday | Wonderful Long Weekend Staycation”

    1. When they leave the nest, it becomes a matter of remembering what you loved about being together before kids. Kind of reconnecting to your younger selves as a couple.

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  1. Stunning photos! We’re not quite at the empty nest stage yet – I’m both dreading AND looking forward to it. It will be nice to get up in the morning and not see pots and dirty laundry dumped on the floor.

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    1. Oh, my house stayed so clean before my youngest came back. Now, I fuss at her about it. 🤣. Poor thing.


  2. It looks good, might have to give that a watch. Yes, children leaving home, is difficult, but they always find a way of coming back. My daughter only lives five minutes away, and we are on babysitting duty today. My son moved out, but lives with us now. His friend is also here, so we have a full house again.

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  3. Sometimes staycations are just what you need (and far more relaxing than vacations). I’m glad you had a wonderful time. And wow, those photos are gorgeous!

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  4. Staycations are awesome – no stressful traveling involved. Big Shots is on our list also. I started The Watcher on Netflix, and it’s totally addictive.

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  5. Oh my. Those trees, Tessa. They remind me of Vermont when I lived there. Gorgeous. I loved your mention of sort-of missing the empty next and enjoying a staycation, just relaxing and “talking without even bickering.” Lol. That made me laugh. Sounds familiar. Get those while you can. Happy Reading.

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  6. I agree, Tessa. I love my kids but when my daughter came home, it definitely put a damper on our quiet time. I loved watching the leaves change colour this year.

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