Sunday Post 10922 | Beautiful Fall Weather

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It was a week of perfect fall weather. My husband and I have been enjoying lots of walks around the lake shore and watching the trees gradually start to change colors for fall. I even smelled someone burning leaves last night!

But it was an incredibly busy work week for me. We had two events, my normal work, and two meetings – one of which was pretty big and long. We rent out office space to the local Habitat for Humanity because we serve many of the same people- so it just makes sense. Well, Tuesday we had a joint “getting to know you” meeting which lasted all day. Then I had events Tuesday and Thursday night where I manned our table. So busy!!!

My hat is totally off to those of you who work full time and book blog. I don’t know how you manage it all. I felt like I barely had time to breath. I’m so glad I have a normal week next week.

So, that was my week – how was yours?

I was surprised by three emails this week with wonderful looking mystery/thrillers for next year. I’ve been staying true to my resolve of not requesting NetGalley arcs, but even with that, I noticed that January is completely full of “read and reviews” and February and March each only have one day open. But, with books like the three listed below, how can I say no?!

From the author of Looker comes this “compulsive and unforgettable novel” (Mona Awad) of razor-sharp suspense about two local librarians whose lives become dangerously intertwined. No one knows Margo’s real name. Her colleagues and patrons at a small town public library only know her middle-aged normalcy, congeniality, and charm. They have no reason to suspect that she is, in fact, a former nurse with a trail of countless premature deaths in her wake. She has turned a new page, so to speak, and the library is her sanctuary, a place to quell old urges. That is, at least, until Patricia, a recent graduate and failed novelist, joins the library staff. Patricia quickly notices Margo’s subtly sinister edge and watches her carefully. When a patron’s death in the library bathroom gives her a hint of Margo’s mysterious past, Patricia can’t resist digging deeper—even as this new fixation becomes all-consuming. Taut and compelling, How Can I Help You explores the dark side of human nature and the dangerous pull of artistic obsession as these “transfixing dual female narrators” (Kimberly McCreight) hurtle toward a stunning climax.
A cynical tarot card reader seeks to uncover the truth about her friend’s mysterious death in this delightfully clever whodunit. For Katie True, a keen gut and quick wit are just tools of the trade. After a failed attempt at adulting in Chicago, she’s back in the suburbs living a bit too close to her overbearing parents, jumping from one dead-end job to the next, and flipping through her tarot deck for guidance. Then along comes Marley. Mysterious, worldly, and comfortable in her own skin, Marley takes a job at the mall where Katie peddles Russian tchotchkes. The two just get each other. Marley doesn’t try to fix Katie’s life or pretend to be someone she’s not, and Katie thinks that with Marley’s friendship, she just might make it through this rough patch after all. Until the day when Katie, having been encouraged by Marley to practice soothsaying, reads the cards for someone who stumbles into her shop. But when she sneaks a glance at his phone, she finds more than intel to improve her clairvoyance. She finds a photo. Of Marley. With a gunshot wound to the head. The bottom falls out of Katie’s world. Her best friend is dead? Who killed her? She quickly realizes there are some things her tarot cards can’t foresee, and she must put her razor-sharp instincts to the ultimate test. But Katie’s recklessness lands her in the crossfire of a threat she never saw coming. Now she must use her street smarts and her inner Strength card to solve Marley’s murder—or risk losing everything.
Three ordinary people risk everything for a chance at redemption in this audacious, utterly gripping novel of catastrophe and survival at the end of the world, from the acclaimed author of The Chalk Man. Hannah awakens to carnage, all mangled metal and shattered glass. Evacuated from a secluded boarding school during a snowstorm, her coach careered off the road, trapping her with a handful of survivors. They’ll need to work together to escape—with their sanity and secrets intact. Meg awakens to a gentle rocking. She’s in a cable car stranded high above snowy mountains, with five strangers and no memory of how they got on board. They are heading to a place known only as “The Retreat,” but as the temperature drops and tensions mount, Meg realizes they may not all make it there alive. Carter is gazing out the window of an isolated ski chalet that he and his companions call home. As their generator begins to waver in the storm, something hiding in the chalet’s depths threatens to escape, and their fragile bonds will be tested when the power finally fails—for good. The imminent dangers faced by Hannah, Meg, and Carter are each one part of the puzzle. Lurking in their shadows is an even greater danger—one with the power to consume all of humanity.

This week, besides what we are watching as it streams weekly (Ring of Power, She-Hulk, and Andor), we binged the latest season of Nailed It Halloween! It’s super funny and has some stars from Netflix shows such as Kobra Chai and Umbrella Academy this season. If you need a good laugh, definitely watch these shows!

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37 Replies to “Sunday Post 10922 | Beautiful Fall Weather”

    1. I think it does too. It doesn’t come out til next summer, so I think it’s officially the longest til the publication date book that I have.

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  1. Am absolutely loving this weather! Not yet cool enough for boots and jumpers here but I can feel it coming! My week has also felt so busy so am relaxing now ready to start all over again tomorrow!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Book blogging is definitely easier in the school holidays! Your weather sounds perfect – we’ve had lovely warm days but also very rainy days.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. It was warm this week in the UK. Perhaps I got my jumpers out a little early. I even took my cardigan off at work because the heaters were on full blast. Working full time and writing can be a challenge at times. I find it better when I write in the morning for my current novel, and then write on my blog in the afternoon.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’ve heard that the weather over there has been warm. I’m sure those sweaters will come in handy soon enough. Hope you have a great week!

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Glad you and hubby are enjoying these wonderful temps! I love walking but can’t get mine to go with me.

    That Laura Sims book looks great. I’ll keep an eye out for it. I read her book Looker and it was an extraordinary story.

    Have a wonderful week, Tessa💜

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It doesn’t come out til next summer, believe it or not!

      My husband and I enjoy our walks. It’s a great time to talk without distractions.

      Hope you have a wonderful week, too!

      Liked by 2 people

  5. I have no idea how people work full-time and book blog either! They must be really organized people. I am full up for reviews in Feb and March as well and I need to stay away from NetGalley for a while. Have a great week, Tessa

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Well, I’m one of those full time workers and bloggers (though hopefully retiring next year). And I’m here to say, it’s not easy! 🙂 Trying to keep up with reading the ARCs I so optimistically request, post reviews, share the reviews all over social media, comment on blogs, see what others are reading, AND find time for a life? Yep, a bit challenging. BUT, I love blogging and the connections I’m making, so I’m certainly not going to change that. My sacrifice? TV. Watch almost zero. Easy trade off for me.
    The three new books you got this week look amazing. I want them all! Enjoy!!
    Hope you have a terrific week and find time to curl up with one of those good books.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

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  7. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the beautiful weather. Today was gorgeous here, and i spent most of it outside in the garden. I hope you have a calmer work week this week!

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  8. We still feel like summer on some days and other days it’s rainy and humid. I can’t wait for winter and lovely cool weather. Even with no job I find it hard to make time for blog and reading. It’s why I post on alternate days or sometimes just 2 posts a week.

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  9. I also received the widget for the Tudor book and downloaded it. Have another by that author on my NG shelf. I finished four books on our long weekend vacay – woohoo! Hope this week gives you a breather, Tessa.

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