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Are you lost if you don’t have a book to read?

(submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)

I don’t know that I’m lost without a book, but I do get antsy without some kind of device or a physical book in my hands if I’m sitting and not doing anything in particular.

I tend to read during commercials, when we have the tv on, or during shows like sports, and just look up long enough to see what’s going on. I have to have a book in hand when waiting for an appointment- that’s a must!

Now, if I don’t have a current read, I would be totally lost. That concept actually kind of boggles my mind – no current read 😳. Even repeating it doesn’t make it compute. I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t have a book I was currently reading.

Are you lost if you don’t have a book to read? When are some times that you have to have a book in hand?

34 Replies to “Are You Lost Without A Book? | #BookBloggerHop #bookish #discussionpost”

  1. Not having a book to read just means I get to take a trip to the bookstore or library. In that case, I’d probably get lost getting to one of them because some of our streets are a little weird.

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      1. Wow, that sounds a little crazy! We’re not quite as bad, but we have streets that split, so you really have to know where you’re going to end up on the right one because the signs tend to be a little vague.

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  2. As my tbr is so massive I don’t think I’ll be without a book for a long while but I think I would be lost!!! Reading is my wind down in the evening so I’d need to find something else to do!!!

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  3. Books and audiobooks fill in all the little boring gaps in my life, I even read when I’m brushing my teeth 😂 Usually I’ve decided what to read next well before the end of my current book and in the rare event that I’m at a loss of what to read next (never a lack of books, always a case of mood reading and not knowing what I’m in the mood for), I get really antsy at the lack of books on my Goodreads currently reading shelf 😂

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  4. I always have sometihng to read. Even if I’m in a bit of a slump and don’t fancy anything new, I will find an old favourite and reread that.

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  5. Yes! I always have something to read, whether it’s my Kindle, Nook, or through apps on my phone. I can’t imagine not having a book and being forced to sit and just stare into space.

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  6. Uh, yes. I didn’t even have to think about this one. I’m always listening to a book and, like you, have my headphones on while hubby is watching TV shows of no interest to me or surfing YouTube. I’m reading on my iPad otherwise.

    I’d feel naked without my books.

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  7. Yes – I feel completely lost without a book! I cannot imagine a time where I wouldn’t have one to read – funny enough, that’s actually a pretty scary thought! 😹

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  8. I feel the same. I won’t go to any appointments without my kindle, I can’t stand waiting without something to read.

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  9. I don’t even have to think about this one. I have my kindle app, audible, library apps and netgalley shelf all on my phone, I always have something to read or listen to. I do think I would go crazy if something happened and I lost my phone and didn’t have a book handy. I can’t even think about it. 😮😮

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