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  • What am I reading next?

Del Rey Books surprised me by pushing Daughter of Darkness’ publication date up by a week but by the time I found out, it was too late to push it up on my schedule. I enjoyed book 1 and I love Terry Brooks fantasy worlds, so to say I’ve been enjoying this one seems like a no-brainer. The world of Fae is such a special magical world.

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 352 pages

Publisher: Del Rey Books

Publication Date: October 4, 2022

The thrilling second novel of an all-new fantasy series from the legendary author behind the Shannara saga, about a human girl adapting to her place in a magical world she’s only recently discovered It’s been two years since Auris escaped from the sinister Goblin prison and learned of her heritage as one of the Fae. She is now happily partnered with her Fae lover, Harrow, and deeply bonded with her new family. All seems to be going perfectly—until, surprisingly, the Goblin attacks begin again. Someone, it seems, has not forgotten that Auris exists and seems determined to retrieve her . . . but who? And why? As Auris begins to dig deeper into the mystery, old friends and new enemies appear, and she starts to realize that her still-shrouded past must contain the answers she needs. But even Auris does not suspect how far down the rabbit hole she is about to go, until Harrow is taken and an impossible ransom demand is issued. With two new companions at her side, Auris must attempt to unlock the remaining secrets of her past. For if she cannot, she will never see Harrow alive again.

I made time to read The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik, which I purchased, because it’s the third in a trilogy and I loved the first two. It read a bit slow, which was unexpected, but I really enjoy the world.

  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • Pages: 411 pages
  • Publisher: Del Rey Books
  • Publication Date: September 27, 2022
Saving the world is a test no school of magic can prepare you for in the triumphant conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy that began with A Deadly Education and The Last Graduate. The one thing you never talk about while you’re in the Scholomance is what you’ll do when you get out. Not even the richest enclaver would tempt fate that way. But it’s all we dream about: the hideously slim chance we’ll survive to make it out the gates and improbably find ourselves with a life ahead of us, a life outside the Scholomance halls. And now the impossible dream has come true. I’m out, we’re all out—and I didn’t even have to turn into a monstrous dark witch to make it happen. So much for my great-grandmother’s prophecy of doom and destruction. I didn’t kill enclavers, I saved them. Me and Orion and our allies. Our graduation plan worked to perfection: We saved everyone and made the world safe for all wizards and brought peace and harmony to all the enclaves everywhere. Ha, only joking! Actually, it’s gone all wrong. Someone else has picked up the project of destroying enclaves in my stead, and probably everyone we saved is about to get killed in the brewing enclave war. And the first thing I’ve got to do now, having miraculously gotten out of the Scholomance, is turn straight around and find a way back in.

I feel like I haven’t read a thriller in forever, so when looking for one, I kept being drawn to Stephen King’s latest book, Fairy Tale. I’m going to give it a try and hope that it’s more thrilling than horror – or the kind of horror that scares me.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Pages: 607 pages
  • Publisher: Scribner
  • Publication Date: September 6, 2022
Legendary storyteller Stephen King goes into the deepest well of his imagination in this spellbinding novel about a seventeen-year-old boy who inherits the keys to a parallel world where good and evil are at war, and the stakes could not be higher—for that world or ours. Charlie Reade looks like a regular high school kid, great at baseball and football, a decent student. But he carries a heavy load. His mom was killed in a hit-and-run accident when he was seven, and grief drove his dad to drink. Charlie learned how to take care of himself—and his dad. When Charlie is seventeen, he meets a dog named Radar and her aging master, Howard Bowditch, a recluse in a big house at the top of a big hill, with a locked shed in the backyard. Sometimes strange sounds emerge from it. Charlie starts doing jobs for Mr. Bowditch and loses his heart to Radar. Then, when Bowditch dies, he leaves Charlie a cassette tape telling a story no one would believe. What Bowditch knows, and has kept secret all his long life, is that inside the shed is a portal to another world. King’s storytelling in Fairy Tale soars. This is a magnificent and terrifying tale in which good is pitted against overwhelming evil, and a heroic boy—and his dog—must lead the battle. Early in the Pandemic, King asked himself: “What could you write that would make you happy?” “As if my imagination had been waiting for the question to be asked, I saw a vast deserted city—deserted but alive. I saw the empty streets, the haunted buildings, a gargoyle head lying overturned in the street. I saw smashed statues (of what I didn’t know, but I eventually found out). I saw a huge, sprawling palace with glass towers so high their tips pierced the clouds. Those images released the story I wanted to tell.”

What are you reading? Do you love it?

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  1. I’ll be looking forward to your review of Fairy Tale. I’ve heard it’s very good, but I don’t read horror, so I’m hoping it’s more thriller than horror.

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    1. That’s exactly what I’m hoping. The blurb sounds more like a quantum physics SciFy-ish thriller story (which is what I hope it is). And I can’t tell from reviews, so the only thing I can do is try it for myself. 🤞


    1. Well, it came out this Tuesday and I’m about halfway in, so I should be able to post a review in an acceptable time frame. I hope 🤞


  2. I’m listening to Fairy Tale atm. I just checked, I’m 11% in and so far it hasn’t been scary at all… But Mr King usually does take a minute to get to the point so 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

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    1. A number of reviewers have called it more of a thriller and that’s what I’m hoping. But Mr. King has scared the pants off of me more than once.

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  3. It’s so good when you finish a series/trilogy and you enjoyed it, overall! I haven’t read that series.. I actually DNF’d the first book BUT I was just not in the mood. I have kept it because I do want to try again sometime! I hope you have a lovely week! ❤

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  4. I’d requested an ARC of The Golden Enclaves on NG, but still haven’t heard. It’s not archived until December, so keeping my fingers crossed. I’m super behind on my King books – hope it’s a good one for you, Tessa.

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  5. Terry Brooks … that takes me back more than a few years! I’ve seen Naomi Novak’s books around for a while now but haven’t tried one yet. That you made time in your busy schedule to read it makes me feel I should add her to my TBR list.

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