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What are your favorite characteristics of a main character?

(submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

I like all kinds of characters but I have noticed I get particularly excited when the book I’m reading has a main character- male or female – who…

  • Has a strong moral compass
  • Does what’s right even when it’s not easy
  • Has intriguing flaws among his/her many good qualities
  • Asks for forgiveness rather than permission
  • If they can kick a$$, that’s a nice bonus
  • I always enjoy a good underdog who overcomes the odds
  • is determined, intelligent, and comes up with creative solutions to problems
  • is snarky and, if female, sassy
  • But I also like a quirky character in some genres.

That’s a good start to describing the characteristics that I love. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some, probably many.

Some of my favorite characters are:

Orphan X * Kay Scarpetta * Elizabeth Zott * Finlay Donovan * Fable * Zetian * Gabriela Rose * Taishi * Annalisa Vega * Ellery Hathaway * Enola Holmes & Sherlock Holmes * and there are many more.

What are some of the characteristics you love in a main character?

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  1. I love a character who has a good line is snappy dialogue. I’m not too struck on characters who take themselves too seriously. I also love strong female heroines in male dominated worlds when they overturn the systems. Mara in the Empire Trilogy is one of my all-time favourite characters.

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  2. I read a lot of genres and do feel my preferences vary accordingly. In police procedurals/mysteries, I like cleverness and investigators with keen minds. In romance, I just like kindness and spirit. In historical romances, I like men who appreciate women with a brain. In dystopia, I like a character with strong leadership abilities based on talent, not charisma.

    But, as I say all of this, I’m extremely flexible. A good writer can make me admire a character that doesn’t fit the ideals I’ve outlined above. I’m always open to new possibilities.

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  3. This is a very difficult question, because different genres have me looking for different types of characters. I definitely want a character I can connect with in some way. I like your list Tessa, as it encompasses traits from various genres.

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  4. I like those qualities too, Tessa, especially snark and flaws, sometimes serious ones. I tend to favor complex characters and avoid those that are totally self-absorbed.

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  5. I like characters with a strong sense of self belief. They may not have it at the start of the book, but by the end they are confident. I need to empathise with a character, and my enjoyment of the book always has to have that quality.

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  6. I love morally gray characters – can’t even remember when that started. A snarky sense of humor also gets me every time.

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  7. Those are amazing qualities. I don’t mind gray character as long as they come out mostly good just bad because of circumstances and I always like string sassy heroines who hide their vulnerability well.

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