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The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended on December 31, 2012. With Jennifer’s permission, Billy @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer relaunched the hop on February 15, 2013. Each week the hop will start on a Friday and end the following Thursday. There will be a weekly prompt featuring a book related question. The hop’s purpose is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to their own blog.

If you would rather listen to this post,there’s an audio version at the bottom ⬇️. Just tap play twice. This is my first attempt at a podcast 😳 so bear with me.

Have you ever forgotten to post a review?

(submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

No, but the only time this would be an issue is for a blog tour and I have to say, it is a “worst nightmare” kind of thing for me just because I’m so type A and so schedule driven. Plus, people pay blog tour organizers so, even though I’m not getting paid, I still feel that sense of obligation that comes with someone being paid for me posting.

What really throws me off is when the tour organizers get a bit behind and I feel like I am the only one taking the schedule seriously. I kind of get that “I am just out there alone blowing in the wind” kind of feeling. Then, of course, I start worrying about whether or not I missed something, etc. etc.

What I have done though is set up my post to go out at the wrong time. WordPress automatically puts in the time it is when you set up the scheduling post info and if it is around 12pm-1pm that I set up and schedule – I don’t always notice that it says PM instead of AM. That hasn’t happened in a while though because I try to double check (and triple check and…) before I go to bed.

If I forget to post anything else, which I don’t think I’ve ever done, I would just reschedule it. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Have you ever forgotten to post a review?

30 Replies to “#BookBloggerHop | Forgetting to Post”

  1. I try so hard to post the blog tours as well. And I’ve done the AM/PM thing with WordPress too. A few times…

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  2. I don’t think I’ve forgotten to post a blog tour post yet, but I get that sometimes you don’t get the information until really close to the date which makes it harder

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  3. I’ve never taken part in blog tours, mostly because I work full time, need to write my novel, and write in my blog. There aren’t enough hours in the day. My reviews tend to be when I’ve finished the book I’m reading.

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  4. I have forgotten to post review during blog tours. It’s embarrassing when tour organisers email about it. But as now I have stopped participating in tour and keep things flexible I don’t forget to post reviews anymore.

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  5. I worry about those tour posts, too. The organizers never seem to send the materials early enough, then I’m scrambling and wondering if something slipped through the cracks. When I have to rush, I’m more likely to make mistakes. It’s a terrible feeling.

    Happy weekend, Tessa.

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  6. Yes! I always write the date of the blog post on my calendar, but apparently I forgot to do that with a couple books, then I felt horrible. I’ve also tried scheduling with WP but it was an epic fail.

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  7. Your commitment to keeping your word is admirable and something we all need to emulate, Tessa💜

    I’ve never forgotten to post a review but remember the two times I failed to meet the commitment date for the blog tour date review. I did the post but sans the review. I’ve never forgotten it and it still bothers me.

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  8. I’m similar in that I rarely have a commitment to post on a specific day. I’ve also forgotten to change the am/pm on the time and had posts appear in the middle of the night.

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  9. I’ve never forgotten to post but I did have a AM/PM mix-up once and only noticed it when I realised it was noon and I hadn’t got any likes or shares yet 🙈 Now I triplecheck 😂

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  10. The only time this would be a problem for me would be a blog tour, like you. I have never forgotten to post, but have scheduled it for PM instead of AM. I caught it before noon on that day, so was able to correct it. I have posted reviews and forgotten to put them on Netgalley, but that is not a big deal. I check my shelves and usually catch those errors quickly.

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