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What is your method for writing reviews – do you write immediately after reading, wait a few days, or write as you are reading?

(submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)

My review method has changed lately. My temporary job, that I took on as a favor last year. has turned more permanent, so the beginning of the week my time is split between blogging and working.

I try to save review writing for the days that I don’t work, which is sometimes Tuesday and always Thursday, Friday, and the weekends. That way I can have plenty of time to focus on what I’m doing.

While I’m reading, I highlight passages and jot down notes in the Kindle app if something occurs to me that I don’t want to forget. For physical books, I have small tag Post Its that I mark the book with and jot down notes digitally in the Word document I’ve already started for that book’s review.

Then, on the next day I don’t have to go in to work, I sit down with a cup of coffee and write – usually in the morning before lunch. Sometimes I go right into editing, but I prefer to let it sit for a day or two and then edit it to provide some distance from my words so I can see them more objectively.

I’ve altered the framework of my reviews a bit in the last month or so after reading a NetGalley tip Tuesday about reviews (below). They suggested writing your initial expectations before starting a book and then write about your actual experience once you finish. I liked this suggestion, so I decided to give it a go.

From NetGalley’s FB page:
Looking for a fresh review format? Compare your expectations of the book before reading and your experience after you’ve finished the book. Before you start a book, jot down your expectations based on the cover, summary, and what you’ve heard. When you’ve finished, compare your experience to what you originally thought. This offers you a chance to review a book as well as take a closer look at your expectations as a reader and how they impact your reading experiences.

My word cloud has been more sporadic lately, as I’ve been trying to leave my evenings free to spend with my husband. I just need to learn to incorporate them in when I’m writing the review to get it all done at the same time.

So, that’s my review method! What’s yours?

What’s your review method?

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  1. I love that tip about putting your initial expectations and then your findings, I may “borrow” that myself! I try to write my review fairly soon after finishing the book as I struggle once I’m reading the next one. I’m terrible at making notes as I read, I tend to get so involved in the story I just forget!

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    1. I have no attention span so it’s rare a book gets me that engrossed (but some actually do). I think getting them done before you start the next works very well.

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  2. I try and review as soon as possible but on the kindle I highlight passages to help. Mine are quite short so they don’t take too long, but that is how it has to be for me 💕

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  3. I tend to write my reviews straight after I have read the book. I will look through my review, and edit. I’m not as experienced as you. I’ve only been blogging for a year. It started as marketing for my own book and then I decided to review other Indie authors, but a couple of the book are from markets or even second hand books in places like Tesco. I know how important Indie reviews are because there are many books out there that wouldn’t be read otherwise.

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  4. I love that NetGalley idea of ‘initial expectations’, must try and remember it. I’m a bit airy fairy with my reviews! I either write straight away them, or leave them too long and can’t remember what I did and didn’t enjoy! 😂

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    1. I try very hard not to leave them for too long. I’m reading so many books so fast, that I know facts are quickly forgotten.

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  5. I’m extremely impressed with your process, Tessa💜 Your initial impressions addition is one I’ve come to anticipate and always read so it was enlightening to learn what inspired its creation.

    For ten years I had to read and write summaries and policies as part of my career. The job demanded that I do it mostly same day so I developed a discipline that continues. I normally write my reviews either same or next day, depending on time constraints. However, I’ve been thinking about shaking up my format, just a little bit, to segment it for easier and quicker consumption.

    Great topic!

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  6. I try to make notes in my Kindle to mention in the review while reading. I try to write reviews within a couple days of finishing a book, but that didn’t work out so well over the holiday weekend and then working Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday I wrote three reviews and still have two more. I missed that NG blog post, but like the idea about the initial expectations.

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    1. I’m with you. I wrote two and one was for Ordinary Monsters which is a huge book so the review is unusually lengthy. At least I only had to edit today.

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  7. If I don’t write them immediately, I’ll forget what I want to say. They may not get posted immediately, but I have to get my thoughts down quickly.

    I hope you’re enjoying your new job!

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    1. The job is easy and it’s for a non-profit that I had been volunteering for. They help people who are economically challenged in pretty much every way – medical, dental, getting back on their feet, etc…. It’s good to get out of the house and among people ❤️

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  8. Great to read about your process! I did notice the addition of your expectations and I really enjoy reading them and comparing them to what I would expect based on the blurb and the cover.
    I always write a draft review as soon as I’ve finished the book, sometimes I start writing it while I’m still reading. Editing and polishing comes later but I need to get my thoughts down before I start my next book. Like you, I try to time my reading and reviewing so it doesn’t clash with work or other obligations.

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    1. It’s all about balance and yes I totally agree – the sooner any reviewer gets there thoughts down, the better. Especially since many of us read so fast and furious.

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  9. I like your expectations and your experience, it helps me to decide if I want to read the book or not. I try to write reviews right after I read it, but sometimes it takes a few days. If it’s one of my own books, it can take even longer.

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  10. I really enjoy your reviews, Tessa. I tend to leave reviews a bit, as I have another book I want to get to. I will jot down points I want to remember if I am not posting my review in a timely fashion. I wish I was better at getting them written right away.

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  11. What a great process! I need to make more notes when I’m reading and often forget about the highlighting function on kindle. I also love the tip you’ve shared from netgalley, I may use that in the future.

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