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When a woman disappears with her two children, one husband will do anything to find them–even confront the secrets of his own past–in D. J. Palmer’s My Wife Is Missing, a twisty thriller from the author of The New Husband.

A family vacation turns into a nightmare for Michael Hart when he discovers his wife and two children have disappeared from their New York City hotel room. Horrified, he fears they’ve been kidnapped. Michael’s frantic search to find them takes a shocking turn when he discovers that his wife, Natalie, appears to have left quite willingly, taking their children with her. The police want to know why, and so does Michael. But there may be a reason why Natalie ran, something Michael can’t tell the police—the truth about his past.

While untangling his deceptions might be the key to locating Natalie, Michael knows it could also be his undoing. To find his wife, he must now turn to the one person capable of exposing all that he’s been hiding. Natalie thinks she has Michael all figured out and has hatched a plan to escape from him permanently. One detail, though, threatens to derail her efforts: sleep—or more accurately, the lack of it. Since the moment the shocking revelations about her husband came to light, Natalie’s insomnia has worsened to the point that she now suffers from delusions.

Are her fears about Michael valid—or a symptom of her condition? With her children’s lives at risk, the stakes for Natalie could not be higher. On her own, running low on energy and resources, avoiding increasingly close calls with Michael—who is on the hunt and closing in fast—Natalie needs someone to turn to for help. But who can she trust when she can’t even trust herself?

What’s it about (in a nutshell):

My Wife Is Missing by D.J. Palmer is a jaw-dropping psychological thriller about the disappearance of Matt Hart’s wife and children and the secrets that led to that disappearance.

Initial Expectations:

Based on the book blurb and title, I’m expecting a fast-paced, intense read full of shocking twists and turns – my favorite type of thriller! I read The Perfect Daughter by D.J. Palmer last year, and if My Wife is Missing is anything like it, I anticipate picking my jaw up off the floor by the end.

Actual Reading Experience:

The opening scene sets up reader expectations perfectly. It made me feel all of the dread and intensity, then shock and surprise as I quickly made my way through the tale. My Wife Is Missing is a fast-paced roller coaster ride that held me in its grip literally from the first scene to the end. I loved how that first scene really reflected everything to come. It contained a glimpse of the perception vs. reality issues, the intensity, and the dread of uncovering things that I was not sure I wanted to discover while at the same time not being able to resist finding out more.

The narrator and timeline switches can get a little confusing at times. Still, the story flows perfectly between Matt and Natalie’s points of view and the past and the present stories. All are necessary, relevant, and endlessly fascinating. Plus, it takes all of these elements to uncover the truth behind what happened and who did it.

I loved the perfect amount of twists, turns, secrets, and misdirection. My head swam, trying to process it all. The point I started at was utterly different from the next moment and entirely different from the next point until the ride finally came to a stop. These sinfully delicious changes kept those pages flipping as I yearned to learn the truth behind it all.

Reminds Me Of:

Alice Feeney’s books because of all the jaw-dropping twists and sharp turns.

And that ending! I loved that this spectacular ending, which I didn’t expect or even suspect, wrapped up the story in a satisfying way. I’m not sure how I felt about the epilogue, as it is disturbing, and I’m not convinced of its necessity. Still, I loved the revelations of all the secrets surrounding the main characters. Of course, I had to pick up my jaw off the floor, as I anticipated, and I loved that most of all.


Natalie Hart is an accomplished young wife and mother who suffers from insomnia. The insomnia symptoms make it hard for her to tell reality from hallucinations, and all she knows for sure is that she and her kids are not safe.

Michael Hart is Natalie’s husband. He is beside himself when he returns from getting pizza, and his family is nowhere to be found. He will stop at nothing to get them back to the safety of their home.

To Read or Not to Read:

If you love psychological thrillers that keep you on your toes and satisfy your need to be surprised, My Wife Is Missing will delight you from start to finish.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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  1. I love a family with secrets. This sounds exciting. Terrific review, Tessa

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  2. This sounds wonderful! I was intrigued from the first moment I saw this one on your blog. After that review, I’m adding it to my TBR!

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