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Callie Devereux has it all – a successful career, a beautiful home and an attentive, loving partner. Until one day, she wakes up to discover that the man she thought she loved has taken everything from her, leaving her penniless. Desperate to get answers, Callie goes after the man she once trusted and discovers a world built on secrets and lies…

Jack Carlisle has never heard of the man Callie Devereaux claims to have once loved, but he has a good idea who it is – his business partner and old friend, Logan Armitage. Jack can’t believe Logan would steal, but as he helps Callie to find his old friend, Jack discovers money missing too…

But with Logan missing without trace, there is only option left to catch this thief – to set a trap.

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What’s it about (in a nutshell):

The Trap by Evie Hunter is a story about a plan to beat a con artist at his own game and get back what he stole.

What I Enjoyed:

I always enjoy a story about victims fighting back for what is theirs – not revenge but just taking back what belongs to you. One of the hardest things that can happen to anybody is victimization, so stories, where victims fight back, are easy to get behind.

I loved the pace of the story. It could be considered a slow burn, but there is just enough going on that I never felt bored or lost my focus. The pace stayed at a good clip from start to finish.

The narration is 3rd person and is usually focused on Callie’s point of view though occasionally switching to Logan’s and Jack’s point of view as the story warranted it. Thanks to the third-person narration, these switches in focus flowed seamlessly and without any confusion. This way, having the narration helped get to know the characters from the standing back place, making it easy to get a complete picture of what is going on and why.

What I Wish:

I loved how the pace picked up to whirlwind proportions by the end, but it was maybe too fast. A lot of information is thrown at the reader in a short amount of time, and I don’t think I could adequately process it all. Though I am all for explosive endings, I think it was perhaps over the explosive line into frenetic.

Reminds Me Of:

The publisher compares it to one of their other authors- Gemma Rogers- which I haven’t read, but this story did remind me of another of Boldwood Books authors – Nina Manning, whose book The Housemate I read in 2020.



Calli is a main character that I just loved. She’s self-made, no-nonsense, and calls it as she sees it. I can quickly get behind her attributes and root for her. If a person like her can fall victim, how easy is it for a con artist to dupe anyone in the right situation?

I also liked Jack, who shares some of the same attributes as Calli. He is just an all-around good person who fights for what’s right.

On the other hand, Logan is not a very likable character, but he is somewhat sympathetic as it is easy to see from early on that he is his own worst enemy.

To Read or Not to Read:

If you are looking for a well-paced domestic thriller where the victim fights back, then The Trap is just the story you are looking for.



Evie Hunter has written a great many successful regency romances as Wendy Soliman and is now redirecting her talents to produce dark gritty thrillers for Boldwood. For the past twenty years she has lived the life of a nomad, roaming the world on interesting forms of transport, but has now settled back in the UK.

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  1. I like books where victims fight back and as well. It sounds like this may start a little slow but then over compensate at the end. My TBR is already overflowing, but this one has potential. I like your balanced review, pointing out both what works and what may be slightly problematic for a reader.

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  2. What a great premise. I can’t imagine waking up and finding myself penniless, and knowing my partner stole everything from me. But, glasses that Calli is a fighter!

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