#BookBloggerHop | Let’s Talk About Favorite Authors and Genres

The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended on December 31, 2012. With Jennifer’s permission, Billy @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer relaunched the hop on February 15, 2013. Each week the hop will start on a Friday and end the following Thursday. There will be a weekly prompt featuring a book related question. The hop’s purpose is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to their own blog.

Do you tend to stay with favorite authors and genres or do you try to branch out?

(submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)

Before I started my book blog, I would definitely stay with my favorite authors. I’ve always read a variety of genres but not authors. My favorites were Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts, Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson and Terry Goodkind. And, of course ones like J.K. Rowling, Diana Gabaldon, and Deborah Harkness.

Since starting my book blog, one of my favorite aspects of the blog and taking on ARCs is all the different authors that I get to try. I’ve discovered that I enjoy so many authors that I didn’t even know existed. Like Lisa Jewell, Mary Kubica, Michelle Sagara, Roshani Chokshi, and so many more that it would be quite the long list to even try to name them all. Plus I have the great honor of making blog friends with some amazing authors whose books I also adore like Mae Clair, D. Wallace Peach, Teri Polen, and Stacy Troilo. For me, it’s so fun exploring the writings of new-to-me authors!

Now it’s your turn….⬇️

Do you stick with your favorites or branch out into other genres and authors?

34 Replies to “#BookBloggerHop | Let’s Talk About Favorite Authors and Genres”

  1. Good discussion. Like you, I branch out now more than ever. I’ve always been an eclectic reader, but blogging seemed to amplify it even more. When I was a younger reader I stuck more to my favorites. Diana Gabaldon is a favorite too. 😀 I’ve only read one of Teri Polen’s books, and I loved it. Have a great weekend, Tessa. 🧡

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  2. Great question and answer! Same as you, before blogging I mostly stuck to the authors I knew or trying new-to-me (but very popular) authors, like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. But since I started blogging I’ve loved being able to discover so many new and amazing authors and genres, and I can’t imagine not being able to do that anymore! It’s definitely one of my favourite parts about being part of the book community 😍

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  3. I have tried and loved so many different authors since I started my NetGalley account. I still have my old favorites, but I have definitely branched way out!

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  4. I regularly try new authors, though if I get a couple of duff reads on the trot then I tend to revert to sticking with my favourite authors for a while. I do need to try more genres.

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  5. I could just copy and paste your response here, Tessa. I also was a pretty predictable reader before I started blogging and reading ARCs. I didn’t read fantasy or thrillers very much. I read romance, women’s fiction and police procedurals. Now, I read pretty much everything except horror and Sci-Fi. I still have my favourite authors, but definitely read more genres and authors than I used to.

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  6. Great question and great topic! While blogging I definitely discovered new writers but also new books, out of the mainstream, that sometimes it’s so damn to find (thinking about the Dark Shores series). I still pick YA fantasy books, because whenever I try adult fantasy, they don’t work for me… I don’t get the same level of engagement.

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  7. Wow. I’m honored and humbled to be on your list. Thank you!

    It’s weird. I used to read a lot of genres but had a few favorite authors (Nora Roberts, Catherine Anderson, J.R. Ward, Anne Rivers Siddons, Stephen King, David Baldacci). Now, I pretty much only read mystery/suspense/thrillers and sometimes horror, but I read a lot more authors in those genres, so I don’t really have favorites in those genres anymore. If the blurb interests me, I’ll read it whether I recognize the author or not.

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  8. I still have my favourites and my usual genres, I do look into others (especially when I’ve seen them on blogs) but they generally turn out to be not my thing.

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      1. I’m super picky about fiction, generally the Write Reads ones don’t appeal to me. I read a lot more non-fiction than I used to however because I often find it more interesting than fiction.

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  9. Thanks so much for the shoutout, Tessa – I’m honored! My story is almost identical to yours. Before blogging I had favorites I always read, but since joining NetGalley I’ve discovered so many new authors, as well as new authors/friends I’ve made in the blogosphere. Every now and then I’ll step outside my favorite genres and try something different. Just last weekend I read a wonderful romantic comedy that kept me laughing. Have a great weekend!

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    1. I love NetGalley for that. It just really opens up the world of books. And, did I read that right – a romcom? You know, I love s good romcom ❤️

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  10. I think it’s fantastic that you’ve broadened your range of authors since you began blogging. They open up your book world to many genres, especially those who write in several.

    As I describe myself as an eclectic reader, I read just about every genre and a wide range of authors. That wasn’t always the case and my repertoire increased when I joined Shelfari, which was a site much like Goodreads who acquired it. Meeting friends through the groups just put me in a diverse community that definitely broadened my world. It also taught me to be more open to new authors. Blogging introduced me to an international community who brought me new authors outside of the US, like Angela Marsons and Lisa Jewel.

    Of course, I have my list of auto reads, which continues to expand. That just means I don’t have to think about adding their new releases. Others? They always have a shot.

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    1. I also love how blogging has opened me up to reading across the world and some absolutely wonderful readers and authors “across the pond” ❤️

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  11. I definitely branch out. I think blogging/vlogging is so instrumental in that. I always considered myself a big reader but following other peoples reading I just naturally learn about so many books I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise and I want to read them all!

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    1. I hate that there is never enough time to get to them all because you’re right, there are just so many incredible stories out there ❤️


  12. Great discussion post. I tend to stay withing my genre for the most part, but I do like to try new authors.

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  13. I don’t exactly stick to favourite author or genre and as I read wide range of books and NetGalley books that introduce me to many other amazing books and authors. But if I love author, I would try to read all books by that author and get physical books as long as they are affordable.

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  14. I started pigeonholing my reading choices at the beginning of the pandemic and since starting the blog am really staying in my lane, but even still, I love finding new to me authors in my genres and knowing that the guys will get a HEA every time 🙂 Glad I found your blog through the hop – I plan to participate often now that I’ve found it.

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