WWW Wednesday | June 9, 2021

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived on Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m currently working my way through Hairpin Bridge. It’s a compelling plot but the tone and style are so mellow that I’m having trouble keeping my focus. I’ll finish it today, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping the tone will change to one of more urgency to wake me up 🙂

Hairpin Bridge by Taylor Adams

  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Print Length: 316 pgs
  • Publisher: William Morrow
  • Publication Date: June 15, 2021
Three months ago, Lena Nguyen’s estranged twin sister, Cambry, drove to a remote bridge seventy miles outside of Missoula, Montana, and jumped two hundred feet to her death. At least, that is the official police version. But Lena isn’t buying it. Now she’s come to that very bridge, driving her dead twin’s car and armed with a cassette recorder, determined to find out what really happened by interviewing the highway patrolman who allegedly discovered her sister’s body. Corporal Raymond Raycevic has agreed to meet Lena at the scene. He is sympathetic, forthright, and professional. But his story still seems a bit off. For one thing, he stopped Cambry for speeding just an hour before she supposedly leaped to her death. Then there are the sixteen attempted 911 calls from her cell phone, made in what was unfortunately a dead zone. But perhaps most troubling of all, the state trooper is referred to by name in Cambry’s final enigmatic text to her sister: Please Forgive Me. Lena will do anything to uncover the truth. But as her twin’s final hours come into focus, Lena’s search turns into a harrowing tooth-and-nail fight for her own survival—one that will test everything she thought she knew about her sister and herself…

Reading When Life Gives You Lululemons was a spur of the moment decision. I’d read so many thrillers back to back that I was in desperate need of a genre pallet cleanser. And boy, did I pick well. I read the Devil Wears Prada trilogy many moons ago plus watched the movie, so I was excited to read this spin-off novel. I’ll not speak ill of anyone, generally or specifically, but I could totally relate to Devil Wears Prada in a less exaggerated form – just saying.

I loved this book. It was so fun. Emily is her best snarky self and it never fails to crack me up. Plus Miranda makes a few appearances and there was even a phone call between Emily and Andie (or Andrea, as Miranda calls her). It was just what I needed before heading back into another thriller.

When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger

  • Genre: Chick Lit
  • Print Length: 354 pgs
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Publication: June 5, 2018
Welcome to Greenwich, Connecticut, where the lawns and the women are perfectly manicured, the Tito’s and sodas are extra strong, and everyone has something to say about the infamous new neighbor. Let’s be clear: Emily Charlton does not do the suburbs. After leaving Miranda Priestly, she’s been working in Hollywood as an image consultant to the stars, but recently, Emily’s lost a few clients. She’s hopeless with social media. The new guard is nipping at her heels. She needs a big opportunity, and she needs it now. When Karolina Hartwell, a gorgeous former supermodel, is arrested, her fall from grace is merciless. Her senator-husband leaves her, her Beltway friends disappear, and the tabloids pounce. In Karolina, Emily finds her comeback opportunity. But she quickly learns Greenwich is a world apart and that this comeback needs a team approach. So it is that Emily, the scorned Karolina, and their mutual friend Miriam, a powerful attorney turned stay-at-home mom, band together to navigate the social land mines of suburban Greenwich and win back the hearts of the American public. Along the way, an unexpected ally emerges in one Miranda Priestly.

This is a Rachel’s Random Resources blog tour read. Wiseman is coming out with the third book (I think) in this series very soon, but since I hadn’t read the first two, I just signed up for the first. I’ve read another book by her and really enjoyed it, so I am very hopeful that I will like this fantasy novel. And, it’s about time for another fantasy read. I feel likes it has been awhile.

The Bookminder by M.K. Wiseman

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Print Length: 446pgs
  • Publisher: Xchyler Publishing
  • Publication Date: January 9, 2016
Sired by magick and violence, sixteen-year-old Liara is found guilty of witchcraft and banished from her tiny village by the very priest who raised, then betrayed her. However, a mysterious mage steps forward to assume custody of her: Nagarath, the Wizard of Parentino, whose secret spellwork has long protected both Liara and Dvigrad from the ravages of war. Despite Liara’s best hopes, Nagarath refuses to apprentice her to his craft but tasks her instead with the restoration of his neglected library. Liara gleans magickal knowledge on the sly, but her stolen spells renew an evil wizard’s interest in the people of the Limska Draga valley. Only by tapping Liara’s inherent magick and joining it with his own can Nagarath protect Parentino from suffering a horrible fate. However, her discovery of his secrets destroys their fragile trust and ignites the darker tendencies of her gift. Now, he must rescue her from the influence of his mortal enemy before their powerful new alliance destroys them all.

What are you reading this week? Anything that you’re particularly excited about?

17 Replies to “WWW Wednesday | June 9, 2021”

  1. This is my third month just reading ARC/DRCs! Last night I finished Summer Sons. Today I will start The Life She Wants and Unravelled Knots: The Teahouse Detective. Enjoy your reads!

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    1. I rarely read non-arcs anymore. Lululemons was a rare exception and one that I’m happy about. I’m trying to find a better balance of ARC vs. published reading. Your reads sound very good!


  2. Ooh, I’m adding The Bookminder right now. That book sounds excellent. Hope your psychological thriller picks up. Sometimes I think my high expectations ruins thrillers for me, because if it’s labeled thriller, it better knock my socks off and maintain a good pace. That’s just me though. Happy reading, Tessa! 😉

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    1. It’s me too. Thrill me, make me make a deeper groove in the edge of my seat, but please don’t put me to sleep 💤.

      I’ve enjoyed Wiseman’s writing in the past, so I think Bookminder has a better than average chance of being a very good read!

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  3. I’ll be interested to see what you think of Hairpin Bridge. I finished it a while ago and will be posting my review this coming Tuesday on it’s release day.
    I just finished The Garden Party by Grace Dane Mazur (also reviewing next week) and am currently reading A Mother for His Twins by Jill Weatherholt.
    Happy reading, Tessa!

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    1. Those books definitely peaked my interest just by the titles.

      Hairpin Bridge is quite different so far. I’m curious to see what I think when I finish it too. And your thoughts now that you are done ❤️

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  4. I finished reading The Secret at Sunset Hill. I really enjoyed this book from a self published Indie author I found on Twitter. I’ve been busy trying to attempt my own website. I’m getting some help soon, not before I’ve roped in my daughter to make it more visually pleasing. Apart from that, I’m trying to finish a Kathy Reich book. I brought Only the Innocent by Rachel Abbot. I got it about a month ago, but I’m not reading as much as I should. Instead of binge watching Bones, I should actually read the book it was based on but there aren’t enough hours in the day.

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    1. Lol. To binge watch something or to read a book – that’s always a hard choice. But it sounds like you have wonder books that you’re enjoying ❤️

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  5. Tessa, this morning I began to read The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker. I have read and enjoyed Pat Barker before, but this book beats all. It is really terrific!

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  6. Great list! When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger appeals to me. I’ll have to add to my tbr

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    1. I would think that there are more Miranda-like bosses out there than anyone would ever admit to. Lol. I’m almost done Hairpin Bridge and it definitely picks up right after the 50% mark. Still not sure how I feel about it overall but then I haven’t gotten to the end yet. The end could blow me away.

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  7. The Bookminder sounds interesting. I’d never heard of Hairpin Bridge but can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. I’ve seen Lululemons around. I know how it goes after reading several back to back. I end up wanting to read something lighter which is usually when I turn to light romance or Netflix for a week.


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