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Where do you get book images for your posts?

(submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)


It depends of how I came to have the book. Hi-res images are much preferred over low-res pictures because the sharpness of the details is better with a higher resolution image.

How I get hi-res photos:

  • Blog tours almost always provide a hi-res image.
  • If I own the book or the ARC comes with the cover included, I screen shot the cover because it is hi-res.
  • Sometimes the publishers’ PR department automatically sends them.
  • I have been known to email PR departments, if I have their contact info, and just ask. They always have it easily available.
  • I use the Amazon Kindle embedded block through WP because it is also a hi-res picture of the cover.

Low-res pictures that I use before I can get the hi-res version or because I don’t have a hi-res pic come from NetGalley, usually. I also get them from Amazon sometimes, especially when I show the different covers from different countries.

Where do you get your book images?

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  1. Great question! I usually use Goodreads for my covers, or sometimes Amazon or NetGalley if they’re not available on Goodreads. If I’m on a blog tour or cover reveal it’s whatever images the publisher or blog tour organiser has sent me.

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    1. It’s impossible to get cover photos from Goodreads on an iPad. Not sure why. If I’m working on my desktop, Goodreads is an option that I use from time to time.


  2. Yep, I’ve used Amazon as well. Sometimes I’ve used Kindle as well. I have no idea why the Goodread’s images have to be such poor quality. They aren’t all like that; in fact, For the Wolf’s cover on GR is perfect. I wonder why some are so tiny on there, especially knowing that Amazon owns GR. 🤔 Great post, Tessa.

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    1. I would imagine it has something to do with loading speed and it could have to do with who is uploading it too. You would think there would be consistency guidelines though especially between jointly owned companies!

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      1. Exactly. I do remember when the images changed on GR because people were complaining about the image quality with how small the images were. Now I see it’s only certain books that have high quality images. Who knows. One thing I love about reading books for publishers is getting high quality images. It really does make a huge difference, IMO.

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  3. If I don’t get an asset folder or images from the publisher, I use Edelweiss +. The images so far have always been good quality!

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    1. I checked out the resolution of the covers on Edelweiss- 😱 I never would have guessed they would be so good! Thanks for the pro tip, my friend ❤️


  4. You’re speaking a different language to me with Amazon Kindle embedded block through WP. What is that? I usually just download the image from Goodreads or Amazon.

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    1. You can get to it only if you are using WP though an internet browser. It’s not an option on the app. It’s the box with the cover and the choices at the bottom for “Amazon – Share – Preview.” It’s a pretty handy dandy embed.

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    1. It’s very handy, isn’t it? I like that the amazon link is right there for people reading the post and the preview function for books already out is very cool and helpful!

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    1. I can only get picts on GR when I’m on my computer. It doesn’t seem to work on my iPad. But it’s a good place to get them.

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  5. I use the Amazon embed feature available in Gutenberg blocks. Before that, I would just grab the image from Amazon, but I really like the new embed feature with Gutenberg.

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    1. That embed is so handy. I like that it offers a preview if the book is out and of course the buy link. It’s a cool little feature!

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