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Do you collect bookmarks?

(submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)


I don’t collect bookmarks per se but I have two special collections of bookmarks that I hold dear.

One is a Harry Potter set of 4 metal bookmarks representing the 4 Hogwarts houses that my daughter gave me one year as a gift.

The other is a set of wooden painted bookmarks from China that I was given as a gift from a Chinese TA in my biology class. I helped him write a letter to get his wife over to the US from China, and he was so grateful, he had her send the bookmarks as a thank you. I’ve never used them as I immediately framed them in a shadow box frame and placed them on my wall.

I was hoping to include a photo of them but they are currently packed up for safe keeping. When we moved, I realized that our new home has too many windows and not much wall space. So almost all of my wall hangings are still packed and kept in storage.

As you can see, it’s just wall covered in windows and that’s true of every room in the house.

Do you collect bookmarks or any other bookish objects?

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    1. Oooo…Come to think of it, I may have a LOTR bookmark but I have no idea where it would have gotten to. I love LOTR. My husband and I were just talking about what a cool theme park it would make. ❤️. Could you imagine?

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  1. I have the same problem in my home with so many windows and almost no wall space to display everything. It’s a hard conundrum as I love the windows, but I miss the wall space. (I would miss the windows, if it was switched though.) I do not collect bookmarks either, but I am sure I have some nice ones hidden away somewhere, especially LOTR or Harry Potter as I have a lot of other memorabilia from both, so I’m sure bookmarks are included.

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    1. It was the first thing I noticed about this home when we were looking and I just loved all the light – still do. I’m like you – I would take more windows over wall space any day. ❤️


  2. I’m sure if I searched for long enough I would find a few bookmarks around somewhere but none of them are precious like yours are.

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    1. I was so surprised to get them but he was so almost respectful of my major and so very thoughtful. It’s nice to meet those rare individuals. ❤️

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  3. I love your living room! We have lots of windows too, well worth the lack of wall space 😄 I origamied a few bookmarks and thanks to my FairyLoot subscription I have quite a lot of metal and foil bookmarks as well.

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    1. I forgot about FairyLoot. I have a few from my boxes, but I often offer them up to my girls if they want them ❤️

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  4. Both of those sets of bookmarks sound really special, Tessa. And I love how your home is flooded with light!

    I don’t collect bookmarks, but I have a few that I’ve tucked away for safekeeping. One is a set a friend brought me from Italy, and another is a white leather bookmark from Belgium. I also have a few that I’ve picked up, just because they struck my fancy 🙂

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    1. Bookmarks from other countries are so special ❤️ And, it’s all that light that sold me on this home. It makes me happy 😊


  5. I can’t seem to keep hold of bookmarks – I’ve had some lovely ones over the years but they all seem to go missing. These days I read more on Kindle but when I do read a print book I end up using scraps of paper or old receipts instead of a bookmark. Occasionally I have used my Kindle as a bookmark in a print book and then panicked when I can’t find my Kindle! Haha!

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    1. Oh, that’s too funny. I would do the same if I read physical copies of books more often. I can totally see it happening ❤️

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