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Lydia returns to Mudaire to enter training at the healing temple. But instead of fighting to save lives, she’s convinced she is doing more harm than good. She delves into the history of the gods only to discover a truth that will change her life forever.

His birthright as commander of the Royal Army is finally in his grasp, but Killian feels anything but victorious. Burdened by his past, he embraces the darker side of his mark—and in doing so, risks starting a war.


Having defeated the tyrant Urcon, Marcus struggles to form a lasting alliance with the Arinoquians. But he is plagued by the knowledge that there is a traitor among his friends, and it could cost him everything that he’s fought for.

Torn between her growing allegiance to the Thirty-Seventh legion and her need to liberate her people, Teriana finds herself mired in a web of secrets. She embarks upon a path that will either save everyone she loves—or put them all in their graves.

Readers may read either Dark Shores or Dark Skies first!
Suggested series reading order:
1. Dark Skies or Dark Shores
2. Dark Shores or Dark Skies
3. Gilded Serpent

My review of Dark Shores can be found here.

My review of Dark Skies can be found here.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gilded Serpent by Danielle Jensen is an epic journey to save the world.

What I Loved

The story is told from four points of view – Marcus, Killian, Lydia, and Teriana. Usually, I would find that many perspectives were confusing, but these four points of view work perfectly with distinct voices and unique views of the unfolding story. The interplay between Teriana and Lydia, Marcus and Teriana, and Lydia and Killian also add a unique layer to the story as the range of emotions from the relationships tell a tale that adds an extra layer of suspense and drama to an account that already is epically dramatic.

Marcus and Teriana are on a man versus nature journey that is harrowing and kept me glued to the page. I loved that their struggle enabled me to see their world in a way that gives me much respect for its inhabitants. Much in this world is bleak yet wildly beautiful, and the world-building to show that is just phenomenal.

Killian and Lydia face a largely man versus man theme as they race to save the princess and rid their world of the Corruption taking over the population. I found myself on a jaw-dropping roller coaster as they faced one struggle after another, never giving up and showing so much inner strength that I couldn’t help but root for them time and time again.

The world is so fascinating with its juxtaposition of the East and the West, old versus new, magic versus might, and gods versus politics. I particularly enjoy the magic and the uniqueness of the magic system. People who are found worthy are marked by one of the gods, and whichever god marks a person determines what kind of magical abilities they can use. It’s simplistic and remarkable in its simplicity.

To Read or Not to Read

If you enjoy epic fantasy with thrills that will leave you breathless, Gilded Serpent is a book you won’t want to miss.

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  1. This sounds pretty good, Tessa. It usually takes me time to get into books with that many perspectives but glad the author pulled it off well. Wonderful review!

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    1. Thank you! The first two books each contained two of the characters and is told through both perspectives. I wondered how she would handle following books, which of course she did with all 4 perspectives. It actually was surprisingly easy to follow.

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    1. I definitely think you would. I know you enjoyed the pirate aspect of – I think it was – Namesake and Fable and this book also has that as one element. Teriana is sort of a pirate princess and her mom who is captain of their ship is the leader of their land. Cool stuff! The covers are so beautiful, I splurged and bought hard copies of them ❤️😍❤️

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    1. It definitely had the most action. I spent a lot of time at the edge of my seat! Those wolves 😱

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    1. I like multiple pov’s when they are done with a purpose (each pov offers a different piece of the whole) and the voices are clear. Lol…boy, I sound kind of picky/judgy about that, don’t I? And, definitely a good one 😊


  2. This sounds so good, Tessa. I’m heading to Amazon now to add the first book to my list. Thanks for the suggestion for the reading order. 🙂

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