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Is reading a fixed part of your morning or evening routine?

(submitted by Elizabeth @ Complex Chaos)


Reading is a fixed part of both my morning and evening routine. I read while I’m having my morning coffee, for about an hour and then in the evening I read for 2 or more hours.

I like starting my morning with a good book. It’s much more relaxing than watching the news. It’s my calm before the storm.

In the evening, I have time to spend more significant time reading. So, that’s when I get the most reading done. I start and end my day with a good book, and I wouldn’t have it any other way 😊

When do you prefer to read?

24 Replies to “Book Blogger Hop | Reading Routine”

  1. I read throughout the day but very definitely begin in the morning. Quite often I’m reading in the evening while my husband controls the TV (our mutual agreement). But, I’m listening to a book whenever I’m doing chores throughout the day.

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    1. I don’t realize how much I read during tv shows in the evening until I see a recap of a show and it’s all new to me 🤣.


  2. I get too distracted by a good book to be able to read in the morning – I’d be permanently late for work! However I ALWAYS make time in the evening to read.

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  3. I like to read both morning and evening – but evening is pretty much guaranteed whereas the morning just depends if I can make time.
    Lynn 😀

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    1. I think I’ve always read in the evenings but mornings have only been more recently and that is kept very short.


    1. I need to transition from waking to working – just for as long as the coffee lasts. I used to spring out of bed at the alarm and go straight to work, but I decided to try something new a few months ago.

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  4. I need to start going to bed a little earlier so I can have time to read in the mornings. Now that I am working from home, I roll out of bed just in time to make a coffee before I have to start working. I tend to read after work for a few hours in the evening. – Christie

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    1. That’s funny – it’s the more relaxed nature of working from home that started me reading in the morning. But I wake up at the same time as I always have – my internal alarm is just too reliable.

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  5. I’m an evening reader. I can’t fit it into my morning routine which already includes getting up early to exercise before I go to work. Come evening, however, it’s how I wind down my day. I’ll start reading downstairs, then end up finishing by reading in bed. In the summer months on weekends, I read by my pool or on a raft (I use a waterproof Kindle). I can’t wait for those days, especially considering we’ve had two straight days of snow—which made for extra reading time indoors, LOL!

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  6. That sounds great! I work from home so I don’t read until the evening because I wouldn’t get any work done. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  7. I love how you bookmark your days with reading. 🙂 I’ve tried reading in the morning, but I inevitably end up getting too engrossed in my book and end up running late. Never fails. Every. Time. It suits me though. My mornings start early because my work day does and I have to make sure everyone else is up and ready for their days. The only reading I do in the mornings is to catch up on the news (reading–not watching) or my personal e-mails.

    I do most of my quality reading before bed these days. And I try to fit in reading during my work day lunch break. It’s never enough time, but it is what it is.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

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  8. Being retired and living alone, I read all day. I do make sure that I read a physical book in the evenings when I am winding down for the night, but the rest of the day it is audiobooks and ebooks.

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  10. I’m more of an evening reader, but I would like to start reading a bit in the morning too! I feel like if I get too lost in a book in the morning I will be late to start my day. 😅

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  11. I wouldn’t say I have a daily routine. If I’m doing cardio at the gym or at home, I’m reading. If I’m in a waiting room – reading. Doing chores around the house – listening to an audiobook. I never leave home without a book. Basically every chance I get, lol.

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