Sunday Post XIII | Are You Ready for Some Football?

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Today, I will enjoy an American tradition – Super Bowl Sunday – and even a pandemic cannot mess with a tradition as ingrained as this one (55 years!) It’s not just about American Football, it’s also about the halftime show, which is usually quite spectacular, and the commercials, which are some of the most creative you will ever see. Many make you laugh, some will make you shed a tear, and in the end you remember the commercials, but you have no idea what product they were advertising. But that’s okay – it’s all part of what makes Super Bowl Sunday what it is. And did I mention the food! It’s the only “holiday” that’s all about finger foods and the junkier, the better. Hubby is making me some gluten free mozzarella sticks. We will also have patty melts, chips and dip (salsa and pimento cheese dips), and potato skins. All topped off by frozen custard mixed with goodies from our favorite, local, frozen custard shop. I think I gained 10lbs just by typing it out. I know many of you are not from the U.S., so I’m leaving you with a video that technically is about Monday night football but is used whenever there is a football game, especially Super Bowl Sunday. It captures the feeling behind the event like nothing else.

How has your week been? Do you have any safe but fun plans for this weekend? If you are familiar with Super Bowl commercials – do you have a favorite? If you’re not from the U.S. – do you have any similar type of event in your country?

I am adding a few things in this section today. Just some things that have crossed my “desk” this week that I wanted to share.

  1. A Book Club Guide for Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimano. It was put out by Minotaur Books and has the expected discussion questions but also a play list of music to have in the background and a recipe for lasagna provided by the author. I am looking forward to trying the lasagna recipe in the next couple of weeks. I’m always on the lookout for small tweaks to my own recipe. And the discussion questions give you insight to the book whether or not you are part of a book club that will be reading it. The link for the guide is : .
  2. Amazon Prime First Read choices for February. There is an amazing variety of genres this month and I thought many sounded good, particularly the romcom The Wedding Game by Meghan Quinn, After Alice Fell by Kim Taylor Blakemore – a historical mystery, and the book I chose – Wings of Fury by Emily R. King, an epic fantasy. There is one more mystery that looks quite good, a thriller, contemporary fiction, and two memoirs that are intriguing plus a children’s book. So much to choose from! Don’t forget to make your choice if you have Amazon Prime!
  3. New Book Blogger Friends – I have two this week to share with you. Be sure to check them out!

Lemony Lit – M. participates in Sunday Post, It’s Monday, What are You Reading, Top Ten Tuesday, and WWW Wednesday plus writes book reviews and participates in two reading challenges!

Notes by J – JJ is a lesbian book lover and her blog focuses on books, travel, movies and tv shows. Be sure to check out her site for a number of creative and interesting posts!

I picked up 4 books this week. The first three are on NetGalley and the fourth was my amazon first reads pick. I’m excited about all of them.

Dead Secret by Noelle Holton

‘Enthralling from the first page to the last. Devoured in one sitting. Noelle Holten has become one of my must-read authors’ Angela Marsons, bestselling author of the Detective Kim Stone series

Psychopaths can take root in the unlikeliest soil…

DC Maggie Jamieson crosses paths once again with Probation Officer Lucy Sherwood when a domestic violence survivor stumbles into her new refuge, unable to speak, desperate for help.

Then another case hits Maggie’s desk. A young man has been murdered, and a curious constellation of black dots has been inked onto his cheek.

That’s when DCI Hastings goes missing and Maggie uncovers a shocking connection that turns the case on its head.

Every family may hide secrets, but not every family buries them…

The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson

A serial killer and his copycat are locked in a violent game of cat and mouse. Can DI Anjelica Henley stop them before it’s too late?

On the day she returns to active duty with the Serial Crimes Unit, Detective Inspector Anjelica Henley is called to a crime scene. Dismembered body parts from two victims have been found by the river.

The modus operandi bears a striking resemblance to Peter Olivier, the notorious Jigsaw Killer, who has spent the past two years behind bars. When he learns that someone is co-opting his grisly signature—the arrangement of victims’ limbs in puzzle-piece shapes—he decides to take matters into his own hands.

As the body count rises, DI Anjelica Henley is faced with an unspeakable new threat. Can she apprehend the copycat killer before Olivier finds a way to get to him first? Or will she herself become the next victim?

Drawing on her experience as a criminal attorney, debut novelist Nadine Matheson delivers the page-turning crime novel of the year. Taut, vivid and addictively sinister, The Jigsaw Man will leave you breathless until the very last page.

The Dinner Guest by B.P. Walter

Stayed up till past 2am to finish this! Well done, B P Walter – immensely gripping!’ Sophie Hannah, Sunday Times-bestselling author of the Hercule Poirot Mysteries

Four people walked into the dining room that night. One would never leave.

Matthew: the perfect husband.

Titus: the perfect son.

Charlie: the perfect illusion.

Rachel: the perfect stranger.

Charlie didn’t want her at the book club. Matthew wouldn’t listen.

And that’s how Charlie finds himself slumped beside his husband’s body, their son sitting silently at the dinner table, while Rachel calls 999, the bloody knife still gripped in her hand.

Classic crime meets Donna Tartt in this nerve-shredding domestic noir thriller that weaves a sprawling web of secrets around an opulent West London world and the dinner that ends in death.Praise for The Dinner Guest:

Dark and twistedThe Dinner Guest is a captivatingatmospheric story of secrets and lies set within the world of old-school London money. It had me second-guessing every page. Pure delicious escapism!’ Charlotte Duckworth, bestselling author of The Perfect Father

Wings of Fury by Emily R. King

From Emily R. King, author of the Hundredth Queen series, comes an epic novel of ancient Greece, Titans and treachery, and the women who dare to rise up against the tyranny of the Golden Age.

My mother told me that men would speak about the Golden Age as a time of peace and happiness for all… However, the women of our age would tell a very different story…

Cronus, God of Gods, whose inheritance is the world. Among his possessions: women, imprisoned and fated to serve. The strong-minded Althea Lambros controls her own fate and lives to honor her dying mother’s plea to protect her two sisters at all costs. Althea’s journey toward crushing the tyranny has begun. It is a destiny foretold by the Fates. And she is following their visions.

On the southern isle of Crete, hidden among mortal women who have fled the Titans, is the Boy God, son of Cronus and believed dead. He shares Althea’s destiny to vanquish the Almighty—fate willing. Because Cronus has caught wind of the plot. He’s amassing his own forces against Althea’s righteous rebellion and all those who will no longer surrender or run. There will be war. If she’s to survive to write their history, the indomitable Althea must soar higher than any god.

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Mostly, I have been trying to catch up with everything in my DVR, so I haven’t had the chance to stream anything new. I am, however, looking forward to Judas and the Black Messiah, Warner Bros. Film Premiere, 2021 on HBO Max this coming Friday. It is an American biographical drama film based on a story about the betrayal of Fred Hampton (Daniel Kaluuya), chairman of the Black Panther Party in the late 1960s, at the hands of William O’Neal (Lakeith Stanfield), an FBI informant. Jesse Plemons, Dominique Fishback, Ashton Sanders, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Lil Rel Howery, Algee Smith, and Martin Sheen also star.

Did you read, watch, or do anything fun this week?

29 Replies to “Sunday Post XIII | Are You Ready for Some Football?”

    1. It’s fun and I’m not even an avid football fan. I like the sport okay but end up reading during the game and just raising my head from the book for the commercials and the halftime show. There is something for everyone. Are you still not feeling so well? Hope you feel better soon! ❤️


  1. I also got Dead Secret from NetGalley and I won a copy of The Jigsaw Man 😊 I can’t think of any Belgian event as huge as the Superbowl. Enjoy your Sunday!

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    1. Did you read Dead Inside – Book #1? It was so good and Noelle is too cute and funny on her instagram posts.
      The Super Bowl seems like an event that is very American but I was curious if like soccer or any other sport created as much hoopla in other countries as American Football does here. I guess it is very American 😊

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      1. I did, I’m such a fan of the series!
        Soccer is pretty important here to a lot of people, but it takes a World Cup to have as much hoopla as you guys with American Football 😄

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  2. I like the sound of all the food and snacks! My cousin typically throws a Superbowl party every year and stays up and has a fantastic time with family and friends even though we’re in the UK… He loves American football. I live nowhere near him (other end of the country now) so I’ve never gone but his live chats and messages are so funny.
    I hope you all have a good night!

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    1. That is so cool! I never would have guessed it was watched and celebrated elsewhere. I love that people in the UK enjoy it too and the fun parties that go with it ❤️


    1. It’s one that One More Chapter (Harper Collins) is very excited about. You should be able to request it on NetGalley or if you are part of the OMC book blogger facebook page, they asked for lovers of thrillers to fill out this short google form and then they sent me the widget. I agree – it does sound wonderful!


  3. I am curious about Amazon’s First Reads. I’ve never took advantage of it. Do you have a deadline to read the books by or do you just read at your own pace?

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    1. The book is yours to keep and do with what you will. Just a free little perk for having Prime. ❤️

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  4. I am in Canada, and will be also be watching the Superbowl. The problem is we don’t get the same commercials unless I stream it, which I hope to do. I am having wings and sweet potato fries for my snacklike dinner. Rolo icecream for dessert. Yum. I am enjoying The Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I never watched it when it was originally on. Have a great day, Tessa!

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    1. I don’t remember watching Gilmore Girls originally either but I watch a bit every night before I fall asleep. I’ve watched Gilmore Girls so many times that I don’t have to worry about it keeping me up wanting to know what happens ❤️

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  5. The Dinner Guest sounds very good! We will be watching the Super Bowl too. Though I’m not a football fan, I’m in KC & it’s exciting to see the hometown team going again. My favorite part is the food!

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    1. Me too! It’s the only time I read during the show and look up for the commercials. ❤️


    1. Definitely all set. Hope you find some great books at the library. Have a wonderful week!


  6. frozen custard sounds so good! I like the commercials as well. The Dinner Guest looks like a good read!

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    1. I think it will be and, yes, I’m definitely looking forward to to reading The Dinner Guest 😊


  7. I have to admit that I sat on the couch with my husband during the game and read. Lol. But I did watch the commercials. OH MY. So patriotic, and some were very moving! 🙂 Great book haul, Tessa. My kindle is loading up again! Have a great week and Happy Reading.

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    1. That’s what I do too. Mostly. I check out the game here and there but mostly like the commercials and halftime show. Of course the halftime show wasn’t as good as I had hoped but still interesting with how they set it all up. Happy reading! (Amazon Prime first reads had a fantasy book in the choices – in cased you didn’t see that in my spotlight 😊)

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      1. I just discovered “first reads” a short time ago. Thanks. And yeah, the half time show wasn’t nearly as good as the commercials. Ha ha.

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  8. I didn’t even realize the Super Bowl was going on until I saw it mentioned on blogs yesterday. We aren’t football fans in my house and don’t follow the sport so it was an ordinary day in our house. I did notice our neighbors were having a Super Bowl party though when we were outside for a bit yesterday. I hope you enjoyed your celebration! I’ll probably catch some of the commercials as people post them on FB. I heard Amanda Gorman presented one of her poems. I’ll probably seek that out on You Tube.

    I really enjoyed Finlay Donovan is Killing It and will have to check out the play list. Amazon’s First Read choices are all so tempting this month! I haven’t decided which one to get.

    Enjoy your reading and have a great week!

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    1. I’m glad you loved Finlay Donovan too. I think it is my unexpected favorite so far this year ❤️


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