WWW Wednesday | What Am I Reading This Week- 1/13/2021?

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived on Taking on a World of Words.

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m in the middle of my marathon of ARC reads. As I mentioned last week, I have to read each book in two days for the next month or so in order to get them all read by publication dates. So far, so good. I’ve taken to writing notes in a reading journal as my rough, rough draft. I organize it like the review, so it ends up being basically an outline. This allows me to get my thoughts out, so I can start the next book without trying to remember details of the one I just finished. Also, while giving me a bit of time to process in my brain what I want to say in my review – all of those lovely quotable thoughts.

I’m currently reading The Once and Future Queen by Clara O’Connor. It is advertised as a Hunger Games type of story. I haven’t really seen that connection but it is an interesting, original fantasy world and story. It’s an alternate time line in a world where the Roman Empire never fell but still advances much as our world has in terms of technology, etc… Interesting!

The Once and Future Queen by Clara O’Connor

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Publication Date : January 21, 2021
  • Print Length: 446 pgs
  • Publisher : One More Chapter HC

Book Description

In a world where the Roman Empire never fell, two starcrossed lovers fight to ignite the spark of rebellion…

Londinium, the last stronghold of the Romans left in Britannia, remains in a delicate state of peace with the ancient kingdoms that surround it. As the only daughter of a powerful merchant, Cassandra is betrothed to Marcus, the most eligible bachelor in the city.

But then she meets Devyn, the boy with the strange midnight eyes searching for a girl with magic in her blood.

A boy who will make her believe in soulmates…

When a mysterious sickness starts to leech the life from citizens with Celtic power lying dormant in their veins, the imperial council sets their schemes in motion. And so Cassandra must make a choice: the Code or Chaos, science or sorcery, Marcus or Devyn?

I just finished a relatively short (250 pages) psychological thriller called Dishonoured by Jem Tugwell. It is for a Rachel’s Random Resources Blog Tour and that post will actually be up tomorrow. Nothing like cutting it close 😊. It kind of reminded me of an early John Grisham novel in tone, pacing, and certain aspects of the plot.

Dishonoured by Jem Tugwell

  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Print Length: 259 pgs
  • Publisher: Serpentine Books
  • Publication Date: January 14, 2021

Book Description:

Dan has worked hard for the perfect life. He has a loving wife, beautiful kids, a fabulous home and is a successful businessman.

One afternoon Dan steps onto his usual train and sees the waitress who served him an hour earlier. It all seemed so normal, but it was the most dreadful mistake. Four stops later, Dan is a criminal who has lost everything. He’d only just met her, so why did she destroy him—and why did she say ‘Sorry’?

Dan battles through a web of lies and deceit to clear his name and win his life back, but first, he needs to find out who plotted his downfall.

Next, I’m reading Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimand. I’ve already read the first few chapters in a sampler that Minotaur Books put out and really liked it. It is a mystery/thriller with a lot of tongue in cheek dark humor that I could totally relate to. I’m looking forward to getting back into this book tomorrow.

Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimand

  • Genre: Mystery/Thriller (dark humor)
  • Print Length: 363 pgs
  • Publisher: Minotaur Books
  • Publication Date: (February 2, 2021

Book Description

FINLAY DONOVAN IS KILLING IT . . . except, she’s really not. The new book she promised her literary agent isn’t written, her ex-husband fired the nanny without telling her, and this morning she had to send her four-year-old to school with hair duct-taped to her head.

When Finlay’s overheard discussing the plot of her new novel with her agent over lunch, she’s mistaken for a contract killer and inadvertently accepts an offer to dispose of a problem husband in order to make ends meet . . . and she soon discovers that crime in real life is a lot more difficult than its fictional counterpart.

Don’t forget to tell to me about the book(s) you are reading this week (in the comments). I love hearing about them. ❤️

19 Replies to “WWW Wednesday | What Am I Reading This Week- 1/13/2021?”

    1. That’s how I got into my jam – all these books look so good and so far, they are! Happy reading!


    1. They are very different and Finlay Donovan is a different kind of read for me. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on them 😊

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  1. What a challenge to get all those ARCs read. I’d love to take a week or two and do nothing but read to clear out some of mine. I saw a fantastic review for Dishonoured yesterday. Happy Reading, Tessa!

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    1. A lot of things are put on the back burner for sure. I guess this is the closest thing I’ve had to a vacation in the last year 😉

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  2. Finaly Donovan looks like a very interesting book! I hope you enjoy it. Happy reading!

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  3. I’ve unsubscribed from quite a few websites/PR newsletters where arcs are offered to avoid over committing on arc books. Good luck in getting them all read! They do sound interesting – I shall look for the Dishonoured review as I’m quite intrigued by the blurb.

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  4. I just finished Legally Blind Luck by James Cudney and between now and Sunday I hope to finish Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery and The Dead Zone by Stephen King I also hope to make some more progress in A Map for Wrecked Girls by Jessica Taylor.

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    1. I’ve been sneaking a few of my own in and hope to get to much more after I’m through this ARC push.

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      1. I have to get to them. I bought quite a few on sale last year but couldn’t read them as I took on too many blog tours so that I am reading in my stress too

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  5. The Once and Future Queen has been floating around my wish list, but the love-triangle is making me leery. The world building sounds cool though. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on it. I’m reading another book about Rabbit (my fourth!) I can’t seem to get enough of that character by M. Meara. Happy Marathon Reading, Tessa. It’s fun but it’s taxing too.

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    1. It has a very interesting plot. Very! There are a few problems mostly with the main theme and tone which I’m surprised the editor didn’t help fix. The romance part is kind of weird and very very complicated. I have mixed feelings about it for sure.

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