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The compelling new mystery featuring Bridges and George has them taking on a haunting new case that will leave them doubting their judgement, and even their own eyes and ears.

When the body of a Russian millionaire is found dead in the grounds of a grand home in Oxford, DI Leo George immediately suspects foul play. The death once again brings him into contact with Jess Bridges, an investigator of missing persons with the uncanny knack for sniffing out trouble, and just as often the cause of it herself.

Housesitting in the empty property next door, Jess is drawn into the investigation and the pair soon realize that there has been a nasty feud festering behind the grand facades of Oxford’s elite homeowners. When another body is found, Leo and Jess find themselves pulled into a mystery that will take them to a very dark place, and bring them closer than they have ever been before…

Goodreads’ Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The third novel in the Jess Bridges detective series is just as action-packed, compelling, and funny as the previous novels. However, this time, the focus is more on Leo, the police detective who often crosses paths with Jess and her investigations. The focus on Leo, along with Jess’s lack of an investigation of her own, makes the story read like a police procedural rather than the typical private detective mystery. Michael, the psychologist that rounds out the three main characters, is rarely seen in this story, which I missed, but I hope to see more of him in the fourth novel.

I enjoyed learning about Leo, his personal life, and his blooming romance with another character simmering in the background since the first novel. He is a complex character that is given the depth and layers that was missing until now. His mother is also an interesting character, and I enjoyed getting to meet her and loved the antics that ensued due to her visit.

The adversary this time around is part of a complex story involving the diamond trade and Russian subterfuge and illegal dealings, which gives the story a bit of a political thriller twist. I love the wide variety of crimes that Jess becomes involved in – from a serial killer to a cult, and now Russians. As a reader, knowing any illegal activity that results in murder is fair game for Jess Bridges makes the series very exciting and heightens my anticipation for the next novel.

Jess Bridges is a hard-hitting, fledgling private investigator who has a little grit, a dab of laugh out loud humor, and always promises a good time reading her tales.

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  1. This sounds exciting. It has been in my wishlist to read this author’s works. But I don’t want to read any more police procedural. I spent 2020 reading only that

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    1. I loved the first two and would love to see what you think of them. This one seemed to stray away from what I loved about the first two but still was a compelling read. ❤️


    1. Me too! I wonder if the author did it intentionally or if it’s just coincidence ❤️


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