Sunday Post #5 | It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

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I am so excited! All Christmas gifts are ordered and on their way here or to my family in Delaware. I was having a devil of a time figuring out what to get everybody but then it all just kind of fell into place.

That was predominantly my week, agonizing over what to get my husband and girls and getting organized with gifts for all my nieces and nephews. Now that I have got all that squared away, I need to turn everyone’s attention to decorating. We didn’t decorate last year because we were at Disney World for the whole week of Christmas, since my oldest daughter was an interning at Magic Kingdom. We got lucky and the Wilderness Lodge upgraded us to a two bedroom cabin on the lake. It was the perfect undecorated Christmas setting. I decided that this is what happens when Disney magic and Christmas magic converge. ❤️

But we are home this year, of course, so hopefully this week will be about decorating and planning what Christmas goodies we will be making. And, of course, reading some wonderful books 📚

Do you celebrate a holiday in December? Are you ready for it?

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This week, I only picked up one book!

Genre: Fantasy

Escape to worlds full of adventure and magic in the first-ever Terry Brooks short-story collection, featuring both new and fan-favorite stories from all three of his major literary worlds: Shannara, Magic Kingdom, and The Word and the Void.

Here are heroes fighting new battles and struggling to conquer the ghosts of the past. Here are quests both small and far reaching; heroism both intimate and vast. Here we learn of Garet Jax’s childhood, see how Allanon first located Shea Ohmsford, and follow an old wing-rider at the end of his life. Here we see Knights of the Word fighting demons within and without, and witness Ben Holiday and his daughter each trying to overcome the unique challenges that Landover offers.

This collection of eleven tales is a must-have addition to the Terry Brooks canon, and a wonderful reminder of what makes a Brooks story such a timeless classic.

This is a NetGalley acquisition. The publisher contacted me and basically said its available for request if I was interested, so I requested it. I was granted his last Shannara novel a few months ago which surprised me. I’m curious to read these short stories without a doubt.

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I tried Hardy Boys on Hulu this week. Even though the books are more MG/YA, the show is more adult in nature – kids in it but adult violence – sort of like Stranger Things. It’s even set in the 80’s. I’m not sure what the recent fascination with the 80’s is but I can totally go with it.

I love that it’s a mystery/thriller. It definitely is compelling as the father and the Hardy Boys along with an assortment of friends try to solve the murder of Laura Hardy. The only thing they know from the start is that the car accident that killed her was no accident.

I’m a sucker for a good thriller, whether in book form or on screen, so I’ve been enjoying this new show on Hulu.

How was your week? Did you read or watch anything good?

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    1. The hard part is always getting my husband to retrieve the decorations from our storage unit. After that, it’s fun and beautiful 😻


  1. I didnt know Hardy Boys had adaptations. I will definitely have to check that one out. And thank you for mentioning my blog here! I hope you have a fabulous holiday!

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    1. There was a Hardy boys show that came out a long, long time ago – the 70’s. And now there’s Hulu’s version. Hulu’s version is much more adult, gritty, and suspenseful while still keeping kids kids.


    1. It was amazing and very timely considering the pandemic took hold just a few short months later. And, The Hardy Boys – so compelling ❤️


  2. We put up our decorations and tree this past week. It’s a little earlier than we usually decorate but we figured this year has sucked enough so we were kicking Christmas off early. 🙂

    It’s a wonderful feeling when you get all the gifts finished! I’ve still got some to do… Mostly for my son, but I’ll get there before too long.

    Hope you have a good week.

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    1. It is such a relief to have the gifts done. I had no lists to go off of so I just had to wing it! Glad you holiday preparations are moving long too. Have a wonderful week 😊


  3. Isn’t it so difficult to figure out what to buy our loved ones for the holidays? I have no clue what I am getting my family members!! Hope you and your family have a fun time getting your home ready for the Christmas season.

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    1. I’m a horrible gift buyer, and they didn’t give me a list this year, so Christmas morning should be interesting. Lol. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in that. I definitely feel your pain ❤️ Have a great week. I will send inspiring gift idea vibes your way 😊


  4. I seem to recall wearing a Hardy Boys t-shirt to middle school. Let me Google to see who the hottie Hardy Boys were back in my day. Ah, Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson. LOL Ohmygosh they are now 62 and 68!!!

    A 2-bedroom cabin on a lake!!! How awesome was that??? I’ve never been to Disney World but I sure do miss Disneyland.

    Congrats on getting your shopping figured out and ordered. I’m racking my brain trying to think of something to get my 93-yo mother who no longer reads and pretty much just sleeps all day. Sigh.

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    1. That is a tough one. It definitely is a relief to me to figure out my list 😊. One day, it will all be back to normal I hope. ❤️. Have a wonderful week!

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  5. We celebrate Christmas in my house too, Tessa and this week I enjoyed being able to do some Christmas shopping (although I am not quite as organised as you!) and I started putting up our decoration too, to cheer myself up! 🎄 I am also pleased to hear you’ve been enjoying watching the Hardy Boys – We sadly don’t have Hulu here in the UK, but a do love a good murder mystery and some 80s nostalgia, so fingers crossed it comes to a channel or streaming service I can watch soon! I have been watching Fox’s crime-thriller series, Prodigal Son (2020) and Netflix’s reboot of the mystery-documentary series, Unsolved Mysteries (2020), and have been thoroughly enjoying both. 📺

    Take care in the coming week and happy reading! 🙂

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    1. I’m surprised that Hulu has not gone international like Netflix. I don’t really understand how all the works. I didn’t realize the country you are in impacts what you can access via the internet until we went to France a few years ago. It seems like everyone across the globe can access the internet so you should all have the same access to internet based things. So simplistic of me ☺️

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  6. Have fun decorating! I’ve only just started Christmas shopping, and our tree doesn’t go up til the kids finish school for the year which is the 16th.

    I’m currently binging on a rewatch of Alias, not very Christmasy of me is it 🙂

    Wishing you a great reading week

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    1. I loved Alias when it first came out. I should rewatch it sometime too. We put up the tree but can’t decorate it until my oldest returns from campus, I think also on the 16th. So part way there 😊 Have a wonderful week!

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  7. OMG, I got stuck on that lodge pic!! There wasn’t a need to decorate that…that was heaven.

    I put up minimal stuff…my outdoor wreath and all the things I normally trot out at Christmas. It only takes about ten minutes. When we host Christmas, I do more but it’s just the two of us so no tree. But, I got all of my Christmas gifts ordered on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and most have been delivered. My Christmas spirit will get a boost when I wrap everything tomorrow and ship them out. My family is used to me making their tree festive so it costs a bit more for shipping but it’s worth it.

    Congrats to you, Tessa, for getting it all done💜 Takes all the stress away when it’s done early. I’m learning!

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    1. That lodge was heaven. Rustic decor with ultra modern conveniences. We decided they upgraded us, magic aside, because my sleep deprived husband who drove down was so confused when he got there (he attempted finding it and signing in on his own) that they felt sorry for him. And that could be. I would have if I was manning the desk. Lol.
      Sounds like you’ve got Christmas under control too. Have fun wrapping! 🎄

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  8. Have fun decorating!! I’m celebrating Christmas and I’m excited. This year will be a bit weird, not only because of 2020, but because of some family health issues that thankfully cleared up positively, but we’re dealing with some last checkups and all with mom. So we’re not really feeling the Christmas cheer as we would in any other year. Other than that, I’m excited to start preparing the goodies for the Christmas dinner. ❤ Happy reading!!

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    1. I’m glad to hear the health issues cleared up positively. I’m sure the stress was very weighing. Sounds like you are planning a wonderful Christmas dinner. Happy reading!


  9. A Disney Christmas sounds like fun. 🙂 Though staying home make sense this year. Good for you for having your shopping done! I’m getting close, but not there yet. The kids are overdue with their lists. Enjoy the holidays, Tessa, and stay safe. ❤

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    1. I didn’t get any lists this year. 😯. I like lists. Hope you enjoy the holidays as well! ❤️

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