Book Review | Blue Skies by Alana Oxford

Blue Skies is like a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day – sweet, light, and refreshing. The characters are awkward and endearing, facing real problems in an equally real world. Mr. Muffins and Dolly, Patrice’s two incorrigible dogs, steal the show whenever they are around. It’s hard to find love in this big crazy world, so when you find someone who could be the one – how many things do you let get in the way before you give up on love?

My only wish is the I knew how the advertising pitch went. There is a sub-plot of Patrice’s confidence at work, but I didn’t get to know how it all panned out. When Patrice found her passion, it impacted her personal life and professional life in the most profound ways. There is a bit of overwriting and forced dialogue, but, though I noticed it, it did not impede my reading and enjoyment of the story.

If you are looking for a short and sweet peek into the window of a potentially significant moment in two endearing characters’ lives, this story will put a smile on your face and hope in your heart.

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About the Book

Life isn’t always a walk in the park, but when Patrice takes her Pomeranians to the park after a rough day at the office, fate steps in. An unlikely hero comes to the rescue when one of her dogs gets loose. Short, pale, and kind of cute, Seth doesn’t have a lot of confidence with the ladies, but he hits it off with Patrice.

But some things might be too good to be true. While Patrice wonders if Seth could possibly be “the one”, fate steps in again with a horrible twist. Will it be a deal breaker or just a storm before bright blue skies?

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About the Author

Alana Oxford is a Michigan author of romcoms, sweet romance, and humorous women’s fiction. She wants her stories to bring sunshine and smiles to her readers. She enjoys improv comedy, moody music, everything book related, and has an ongoing love affair with the United Kingdom.

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  1. Sounds so sweet. Endearing characters are better than unlikable or unreliable ones. Those have started irritating me especially when they start drinking

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    1. I can totally see that. It is so sweet and nicely in a small novella length package.


  2. Romance isn’t high on my list right now, but I’ll root for the awkward guy over the alpha male right now. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Sometimes sweet and light just hit the spot – and how could you not want to read this book with a dog named Mr. Muffins? That’s just flat out adorable.

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