WWW Wednesday | October 21, 2020

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and revived on Taking on a World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

It’s been a very busy week this week. I’m on a gala committee to raise money for a local non-profit. We were originally scheduled to have the gala in late March of 2020 and, as I’m sure you guessed, it had to be postponed. It was rescheduled for this month but they quickly realized it could not be live. So we switched gears and put on a virtual gala. I did go onsite at the nonprofit and moderated the virtual chat as well as moving around the auction items and more. Busy, busy, busy, but for a good cause.

I do have some good books on tap this week – mostly mysteries. It’s about time I switched back to mysteries for a bit ❤️

Currently Reading

I’m just starting this book today. I think it sounds interesting. It definitely caught my eye when Rachel sent it around as a Rachel’s Random Resources blog tour book.

About This Book

  • Genre: Mystery
  • Publication Date : August 31, 2020
  • Print Length : 304 pages
  • Publisher : Oak House Press

A dead body. An anonymous letter. This is only the beginning.

‘Not all evil, on the surface, is ugly and menacing. It doesn’t always lurk in city centres after dark. It mows your lawns, frequents your local pub, takes its kids to school and contributes to communities.’

When the first letter arrives saying that ‘tonight it begins’, journalist Miller Hatcher ignores it. But then the body of a murdered woman is discovered, strangled, a scarf around her neck.

Cassie Hughes has always vowed to find the man who murdered her mother. Cassie knows he’s out there and wants him to pay, and Miller agrees to bring the cold case back into the public’s eye.

Logan Dodds has been obsessed with true crime ever since his sister was murdered thirty years ago. He has turned his obsession into a career and has created the True Crime Enthusiasts Club and his newest venture, True Crime Tours.

The lives of Miller, Cassie and Logan – all affected differently by murder – become entwined as The Scarf Killer, desperate for infamy, and Miller’s attention, makes his mark on the small town of Lentford.

Just Finished

Okay – I know – a Christmas book photo with Halloween props… there is something very wrong with that. But, in my defense- why do so many Christmas books come out in October? I am not pulling out the Christmas props just for one picture, though.

This book really took me by surprise. I admit that I was concerned about whether I would like it or not. I don’t even remember why I signed up for the blog tour. But I was pleasantly surprised by this holiday story with A Christmas Carol vibe. The review is coming out tomorrow – cut it a little close didn’t I?

About This Book

  • Genre: Holiday Fiction
  • Print Length: 253 pages
  • Publisher: self-published
  • Publication Date: October 20, 2020

What if you could go back in time and fix the biggest mistake of your life?

Two years ago, Maisie’s best friend walked out of her life and she hasn’t heard from him since. When she wakes up in 1994, she naturally assumes she’s dreaming. But when she finds herself in the past again the next night and her actions in the dream alter her present-day life, she begins to wonder if she’s somehow hopping back in time. And if she is time-travelling, can she save her friendship with Jonas?

When Maisie is forced to relive Christmases of the past, will she face up to her mistakes, or make them all over again?

The 12 Christmases of You & Me is a magical tale of friendship, first loves, and learning to live in the present.

Reading Next

Book 1 and Book 2 of this series (Jess Bridges Mystery Series) are being published on the same day and I have both books. I don’t know why they are being published on the same day – I might recheck that to make sure I don’t need to switch things around – but they both sound good so 🤞.

About This Book

  • Genre: Mystery. (Amazon lists it as a Psychological Thriller – I’d love it if it is)
  • Print Length: 316 pages
  • Publisher: One More Chapter (Harper Collins)
  • Publication Date: October 30, 2020

A thrilling new whodunnit series, fast-paced and funny, featuring a detective as sharp as his suits and a heroine who’s trouble.

The River Thames always gives up its dead…

There’s a killer picking off victims from the wild swimming spots on the upper reaches of the Thames. The case takes Detective Inspector Leo George into the path of Jess Bridges, a private investigator who lives life close to the edge.

Their enquiries lead them to author, Jago Jackson, whose book on secret wild swimming spots has turned him into a social media celebrity. Is Jago’s book the blueprint that the murderer is following? If so, does that make Jago a target or the killer himself? Either way, the duo find themselves swimming in some very dangerous waters …

Talk to me about the book(s) you are reading this week (in the comments). I love hearing about them. ❤️

27 Replies to “WWW Wednesday | October 21, 2020”

    1. I admire your ability to take on three at one time. I’ve always been a one at a time girl. But they are different enough to keep straight, I think. Or else you are going some unexpected reviews 🤣

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    1. I always try to be seasonal with my Instagram photos, so no xmas in October 😍. Bats and witches hats are fun! You need some of those giant spiders people love hanging off their homes too.

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      1. I’m terrified of spiders sadly so I avoid them, also I live in a very old house so we have quite a few living spiders to deal with. Fully agree with no xmas in October.

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  1. Not much into romances at the moment, though Dickens has its appeal, so this one doesn’t sound so bad. Your other two selections sound great. I’m so behind in my writing projects that I’m a little slow on the reading front, though I am just wrapping up Sue Coletta’s true crime work, Pretty Evil New England (about women serial killers). It’s fantastic.

    Your Scooby Do animation made me grin.

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    1. A little Scooby Doo in the morning is always a good thing 😊. Coletta’s book sounds so interesting. I don’t usually read true crime but I think I’d like it.

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  2. I love your Halloween props, especially the skeletal bird. How cool!
    The Murder Club sounds pretty intriguing.I’ll be looking for your review.

    I just finished “The Last Pilgrim” by Noelle Granger. A historical novel based upon the lives of those who came to America on the Mayflower. It was amazing.

    And like everyone else, I love the Mystery Machine animation. I was such a Scooby Do fan!

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    1. You can’t go wrong with Scooby Doo. The Last Pilgrim sounds interesting. I enjoy imagining what this country must have been like for the first settlers.

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  3. The Mystery Machine! Always a Scooby fan. Although I don’t read a lot of Christmas-themed books, I love the covers, and with the mention of time travel (always a hook for me), this one is tempting. And your fall decs are perfect.

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    1. Thank you! I think I might have chosen this one because of the time travel element. I loved that aspect of it for sure.

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    1. It starts off with a murder – that’s a good sign that it will be action-packed (I hope) 😊. Happy reading!


  4. I suppose Halloween props for a Christmas book could be like the Nightmare Before Christmas! It seems like you’ve been very busy this week, but a very good kind of busy! 🙂

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    1. It’s fun and thrilling so far. I’ll share the first sentence with you – it says so much:
      “I don’t know what your book club is like, but mine is the sort that ends up with me stranded naked in the river with a dead man and a murderer on the loose. Or maybe that is just me?”


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