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When you run out of bookshelf space, what do you do?

(submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)


Mostly I get eBooks, so that is not an issue anymore. But, back when I was all about the physical copies, my home office had all walls covered in bookshelves and both of my daughters had bookshelves in their rooms – so plenty of book space. Occasionally, we would go through and pull books to sell, donate, or give away. I would box up ones I wanted to keep but felt I could remove and put them in storage to make room. Can ebook shelves get filled up? I hope not because mine are very full always 😊

How do you make more room for books?

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  1. I’m a fellow convert to the e-reader. I never thought I’d like it better than a real book but what’s great is when I don’t have my glasses I can change the font size and still read 😄

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  2. I generally buy ebooks unless I can get a signed copy from the author. When I run out of room, I shove them wherever they’ll fit (hubby keeps telling me I should alphabetize, but that’s just wasting good reading time). I also donate to the library when I’m overflowing.

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    1. Alphabetize! I can’t even imagine. My oldest daughter did that once but we severely mocked her…okay, not severely but we did have some fun over it 😁 eBooks are the best – so versatile and easy to cart around.

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  3. I only get the physical copy if it’s a book I REALLY want to own (I love having the whole Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell on my bookshelf) or if a publisher wants to send me an ARC. For everything else its ebook. So space isn’t a huge issue.

    I also use the library a fair bit and, 9 times out 10, if I buy a book from a charity shop I tend to donate it back to the same shop after reading.

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  4. When I run out of space on shelves, I resort to using the floor. Every week I take 3 books from the shelves and decode whether they stay or go – I do a post about this, asking other bloggers for their opinions.

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  5. Lol! I’m an ebook convert too, Tessa. But. I still like to own print books from my favourite authors so I have to be careful. I box the books I don’t want to read or showcase anymore up in our loft space. Hubby worries that we’ll run out of space up there soon too! Lol!

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  6. It’s kind of amazing how kindles/readers have changed our need for more and more bookcases. It sounds like our strategies are the same, Tessa. I still have physical books, of course, and my favorite reads will be with me forever, but my kindle is my go-to bookshelf these days.

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    1. I’ve been surprised to see how many people have gone to ereaders too. It really is the most practical way though❤️. Have a lovely Sunday!

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