Book Review | Crossing in Time by D.L. Orton

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Book Description

When offered a one-way trip to the past, Iz sacrifices everything for a chance to change her dystopian future—and see her murdered lover one last time. 

After a perilous journey through a black hole, she wakes up on a tropical beach, buck naked and mortally wounded—but twenty years younger! With only hours to live, she must convince an enraptured but skeptical twenty-something guy to fix their future relationship and thereby save the planet (no one is quite sure why.)

But it’s easier said than done, as success means losing him to a brainy, smart-mouthed bombshell (her younger self), and that’s a heartbreaker, save the world or not.

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I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Review – Rave

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Time travel, multiple universes, and a love that spans time and space all come together and create a story that is as fascinating as it is heart-wrenching. Crossing in Time touched my heart and satisfied my sci-fi-loving mind with its look at a pre-apocalyptic world and the desperate attempts to change what’s coming.

What I Loved

I love quantum physics and the theory that there are multiple universes created from people’s different choices. I was an avid fan of Sliders (TV show) and loved to see the concept used in books and on the screen. It is so fascinating and mind-blowing to think about it. In Crossing in Time, it is all these things and more, as the possibility that this theory is real means the difference between life and death for the world’s population as a disease quickly spreads to all humanity.

Not only are there multiple universes, but the characters also discover the possibility of time travel and how to do it, which blends so seamlessly with the numerous worlds that, instead of making it harder to suspend disbelief, actually makes it more accessible. Time travel is a fun concept and one that creates a lot of suspense and tension in the story, causing the pages to turn faster and faster as you want to know what happens next.

The love story that threads itself throughout the story adds an extra layer to an already tightly woven tale of survival. Diego and Isabel reconnect at the beginning of the novel after being apart for decades and rediscover the love that they lost the fateful day Diego stepped on a plane and out of Isabel’s life. This love story is fraught with dangerous situations and turbulence as the world careens out of control. It is the thread that holds the story together and brings poignancy to an already potentially tragic tale.

The story has three narrators, and they work together well, keeping the story moving forward from three necessary perspectives. The voices were not always easy to distinguish between, but they are authentic enough that confusion was not an issue, as can happen with multiple narrators. The characters are all complex, full of depth, and their scars often show as they make hard decisions. The setting is an exciting mix of places that added to my fascination as the story unfolded.

To Read or Not to Read

Yes, do read it!
It is not a YA, as Amazon will erroneously lead you to believe. It is very much an adult tale that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

About the Author

DL ORTON, THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the BETWEEN TWO EVILS series, lives in the foothills of the Rockies where she and her husband are raising three boys, a golden retriever, two Siberian cats, and an extremely long-lived Triops.♂‍

In her spare time, she’s building a time machine so that someone can go back and do the laundry.


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  1. Like you, I’m a fan of time travel and multiverses, and this sounds like something I’d enjoy. Great review, Tessa!

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  2. Wow. What a well-written review, Tessa. (If you don’t already, you should write books!) As I was reading, there were multiple times when I had to stop for a moment and admire your word choice or turn of phrase. I particularly liked:

    “The love story that threads itself throughout the book adds an extra layer to an already tightly woven tale of survival.”

    I’m hoping you won’t mind if I use that in my promo material in the future?

    I’m so grateful you decided to read and review the book. Thank you. If you’d like a copy of the next book in the series, just say the word. (DM or email me your kindle-direct email and approve me as a sender, and I’ll get it off to you right away. dlo at dlorton dot com.)

    Thank you, again, for such a lovely review. You, my dear, are the reason I continue to write books! 🙏

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