April Wrap-up

Usually I have a book review on Thursday, but my next review is part of a book tour, and it is scheduled for tomorrow., so please come back for it 🙂

It’s been a crazy exhausting month. All the worrying and having to stay home as a result of this pandemic is exhausting and plays havoc on emotions and the ability to focus. I’ve been volunteering at a local non-profit to provide grab and go breakfasts/lunches for school kids who would normally get these meals free at school. Helping others helps me to keep my spirits up and stay smiling.

I binged watch His Dark Materials on HBO. It is very good. Infinitely better than the movie they made of The Golden Compass (the book is by Phillip Pullman).

April has also been a very busy month for my book blog:

  • I posted 11 book reviews and
  • 3 other book posts – a guest post, an excerpt, and a promo post
  • I read 12 books
  • every Monday, I posted #5onmyTBR
  • every Wednesday, I posted WWWWednesday
  • and every Friday, I posted Book Blogger Hop

Favorite Book of the Month

My favorite book this month is actually a rom-com by debut author, Nina Kaye. It’s wonderful! If this is her first book, I can’t even imagine how good subsequent books will be. Clicking on the book will take you to my review.

Mystery Book Reviews

(Click on the book cover to be directed to the review)

Fantasy/Dystopian Review

Book Haul for April

I added 6 NetGalley books (5 from widgets sent to me by the publishers) this month and the last book in The Devil Wars series sent to me by author, Kenneth B. Andersen.

Looking Ahead to May

My schedule is going to have some wonky spots in it due to blog tour schedules.

  1. May 3-May 9: (1) review on Tuesday
  2. May 10-16: (4) reviews but none posted on Tuesday
  3. May 17-23: (2) reviews (Tuesday and Thursday)
  4. May 24-30: (4) reviews (1 each day Mon-Thurs)

To be able to handle the reading schedule that two weeks of 4 reviews required, I decided to put off 2 books that are both #2 of a duology and I have not read #1 for either. I have scheduled them this summer when I can read and review both books in the duologies:

How was your April?

9 Replies to “April Wrap-up”

  1. And again, I envy everybody who can post their wrap-up on the last day of the month. How do you do it? 😉
    Seems like you actually got a lot done this month, I mean 11 reviews? That’s a lot. Great job!
    I hope you are doing okay with the whole quarantine thing. Since I have to work I don’t really feel it, although even my introverted butt would like to go somewhere this weekend instead of staying in. Oh, well. I wish you all the best. I’m sure it’s gonna get better. ❤

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    1. Hehe! I just typed the post up yesterday from my trusty color-coded google calendar, where I put everything I post and am going to post as well as the books I’m reading and have read. I’ve always been uber organized.
      It’s funny, as introverts, staying at home is usually a happy choice but somehow when you are told to stay home, it becomes burdensome. It will be nice to have choices again 😊

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  2. Thanks for mentioning His Dark Materials on HBO – I loved the book series and would like to see it, but we don’t have that channel. I’m going to see if I can acquire it somewhere else!

    You’ve been so busy this month! What a fun post!

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    1. If you have Hulu, Amazon Prime, or the appletv app – they all have free trial HBO offers. That’s what I used 😊. It has been a crazy, busy month. Thank you!

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      1. Oh! I have Amazon Prime – I’ll check it out. Thank you!

        (the trick for me is remembering to CANCEL those free things!)

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    1. The publisher surprised me with the widget because of another of her books that I reviewed. I was like “Yes, yes – I will read and review this. Thank you, thank you! Anything by her that you want to send my way…”😊

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  3. I enjoy these recap posts, Tessa. They’re like browsing a bookstore with a friend. My May is already booked with books and a few long ones in there. Happy Reading! Take care. ❤

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