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Book Description

When Liv’s high-flying career goes off the rails, she finds herself working at a glitzy new gin bar to pay the bills. She’s never let romance distract her, but with one very hot colleague, a mysterious online follower who might just be her soulmate, and a lot of cocktails, her dating life is about to be shaken up…

But is Liv looking for a sparkling flirtation, or something a little stronger?

Sometimes you have to face up to your past, seize your future, and mix your own recipe for happy ever after…

My Review

How Tessa Talks about this Book: Raves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gin Lover’s Guide to Dating is smart, witty, fun, and relatable, the perfect read for the beleaguered pandemic soul. It was precisely the type of reading I was looking for to escape for a short while.

Favorite character: Reyes

I loved Liv, the main character, but Reyes is the character that intrigued me the most. She wears a giant diamond on her left hand, and it is rumored she married a man from a wealthy family – so why is she tending bar? That question, along with a few others, is answered by the end of the story, but there is still so much to learn about her, and I am inquisitive. She is smart, fiery, and a true romantic at heart. She also makes sure that Liv does not sacrifice parts of her self to regain her footing in the corporate world.

What I Loved

In short, I loved everything, and I mean every little thing.

The characters are all so thoroughly developed that you will instantly recognize them among your friends and family.
Liv – she has fought her way up from nothing and made a success of herself in the business world as a communications specialist. When corporate restructuring leads to the loss of her job, she finds how tough it is out there to find a new job. But she still has that determination she has always had; she needs to figure out where to direct it.

Dylan is the only person who has remained with Liv since childhood. He is her rock, her sounding board, and, more importantly, her friend.

Josh is the 23-year-old who loves a good game of pool and has risen through the ranks of the hotel staff quickly, speaking to his work ethic and his ability. He is very fond of Liv and is well beyond noticing any significant age difference.

Reyes – Liv’s co-worker at the Gin bar, she believes strongly in enjoying life to its fullest and won’t let Liv do anything less.

I loved that Gin Lovers Guide is a story about identity, self-discovery, and reinventing yourself. What we do as a job/career is a significant factor in how we define ourselves, so how do you handle it when that identity is taken away from you through no fault of your own? The story takes us on Liv’s journey of denial to acceptance to, ultimately, a redefinition that is as inspiring as it is relatable. It’s a path full of sad and scary truths, humility, and finally, determination. All of which Liv goes through with a witty sense of humor and a fighting spirit.

There is a great deal of tongue-in-cheek humor that had me laughing out loud while appreciating how brilliant and creative it is. This is not a story of slapstick comedy, nor is it a sappy romance – it is a story of fighting back and of keeping your sense of humor even when the world is crashing down around your ears.

To Read or Not to Read


I was provided with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Prize giveaway

To celebrate this blog tour for The Gin Lover’s Guide to Dating, there seemed no better way than to give away some gin-related goodies! Nina has teamed up with specialist gin producer, Tiger Gin, to offer one lucky winner: a copy of her debut novel (Kindle Edition), a bottle of multi-Gold award winning Tiger Gin, and one copy of The Little Cocktail Box.

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Nina will then choose the lucky winner at random after the closing date, which is 6pm (BST) on Thurs 29th April 2020.

This prize draw is only available to UK residents over the age of 18. Full terms and conditions apply – Always drink responsibly.

About the Author

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Nina Kaye is a romantic comedy author who writes fast-paced, entertaining reads with a deeper edge. Nina started writing her first novel when she was 17 (locked in her room, supposedly studying). It was a short-lived experience that ended as soon as Nina’s exams did, but the dream of writing never left her.

Nina lives in Edinburgh with her husband and much adored side-kick, James. In addition to writing, Nina enjoys swimming, gin and karaoke (preferably all enjoyed together in a sunny, seaside destination).

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