Book Blogger Hop | The Book that has Helped Me Through the Lowest Points in my Life

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What is a book that has helped you get through your lowest point in life?

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I’ve given this question a lot of thought and I cannot come up with a time that a book has helped me during a low point. Books do, however, take my mind off of the bad times, so that I can think and regroup. I know I’ve reread the Harry Potter series a couple of times during low points. They totally take me away to a world where magic is real, brooms can fly, and, most importantly, good triumphs over evil.

Has a book ever helped you through a low point in your life?

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    1. I need to read that one. I don’t think that I have read any Terry Pratchett books but I have wanted to very much. ❤️.


    1. That does look like a good and helpful book! I thought about putting a similar-type book called Incorporating Spirituality into Counseling. It opened my eyes toward the possibility of reducing stress, anxiety, and even depression through just learning to forgive yourself. We are taught the importance of forgiving others, but this idea of forgiving yourself was new to me and definitely life changing. ❤️

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  1. I must be the only book lover who has committed the sacrilege of watching every HP movie but never having read the books. 🙂 I am glad we have books that have the ability to give us some respite from the low points in life. We need that mental disconnect and escape that books provide.

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    1. So true! And you must find time to read HP at least once. The movies stay pretty close but still I would take the books over the movies any day. ❤️


  2. Would you believe that I haven’t read Harry Potter. Ack! As a fantasy writer, I should be ashamed. Ha ha. It’s just such a commitment! I can relate though, Tessa, to the joy of leaving this world for a while in a great book. I can’t think of a book that helped me through a bad time, but I can think of many books that had such a profound impact that I never forgot them. Great topic for these days. Maybe I’ll actually give HP a go. 🙂

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  3. Harry Potter is great! Definitely has touched a lot of lives, good to know its a great source of comfort.

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