Book Review | Aunt Bug’s Little Life Lessons: Be Prepared, Not Scared by Jemma Ryan

Today I’m very proud to post a book review done by my daughter, Taylor, on a delightful children’s book by Jemma Ryan. Taylor enjoys books as much as I do, and I have been trying to get her to join me in reviewing for many months. She also helps me with my Instagram pictures for those of you who follow me there. So, please enjoy…

Book Description

Saige is thrilled to be spending time with her beloved Aunt Bug! They set off for the park and meet up with some of Saige s friends. But when Saige wants to go to a brand-new friend s house to play, Aunt Bug says no. Why? Learn about stranger danger and safe ways to become close to new friends in Aunt Bug s Little Life Lessons: Be Prepared, Not Scared!

Taylor’s Review

In Aunt Bug’s Little Life Lessons: Be Prepared Not Scared, Saige’s excitement towards spending time with her Aunt Bug and eating snow-cones provides the perfect set-up for a life lesson about strangers while exploring the world around her.

During a trip to the park with Aunt Bug, Saige runs into her best friend Abby and a girl she has never met before, Jenny. Abby is already friends with Jenny, but Saige knows that she must ask her aunt first when invited to go to Jenny’s home with Jenny and her dad. This question paves the way for Aunt Bug to explain the importance of Saige staying careful and watchful around strangers to remain safe. Although she is not allowed to play alone with Jenny until her mom can set up a play-date to get to know the family better, the book ends on a high note as Saige and Aunt Bug return to their quest to buy snow cones.

This book is an excellent choice for both parents to read to their children and early readers to learn by themselves. Each page contains only a few sentences along with pictures to easily guide the readers through the story. Additionally, essential phrases are printed in red font to give extra emphasis towards words that kids should remember, such as ‘trusted adult,’ ‘stranger,’ and ‘safety.’ The situation Saige comes across is very applicable in this day and age when kids meet others at the playground or through mutual friends. They are more likely to see these new faces as more partners to run around and play with rather than potential dangers to their safety. Jemma Ryan, the author, is straightforward in her explanation of handling strangers as a kid without punishing Saige’s initial thoughts or actions. As the perfect introduction to a potential series of books, I can’t wait to see what advice Aunt Bug has next to share.

— Taylor Pulyer

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