Book Review | Ten Days Gone by Beverly Long

Book Description

They know exactly when he’ll strike… They just have to find him first.

In all their years working for the Baywood police department, detectives A.L. McKittridge and Rena Morgan have never seen anything like it. Four women dead in forty days, each killed ten days apart. With nothing connecting the victims and very little evidence, the clock is already counting down to when the next body drops. A.L. and Rena will have to act fast if they’re going to find the killer’s next victim before he does.

But identifying the killer’s next likely target is only half the battle. With pressure pushing in from all sides, a promising breakthrough leads the detectives to Tess Lyons, a woman whose past trauma has left her too damaged to appreciate the danger she’s in. Unwilling to let another woman die, A.L. and Rena will put everything on the line to keep Tess safe and end the killer’s deadly spree once and for all—before time runs out again. 

Publisher: Harlequin MIRA

My Review

3.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars

Ten Days Gone is an authentic plot-driven police procedural, following Detectives McKittridge and Morgan as they investigate a serial killer who strikes every ten days.

My favorite character: Gabe Morgan

He is a keeper- a husband who loves unconditionally and who takes time to think about problems without acting rashly.  He makes decisions based on what is best for everyone, not just himself.  He is supportive and steadfast, understanding when an investigation takes priority, and when his wife or family needs him.

What I Liked

The detectives stayed focused on their job of stopping a serial killer without getting distracted by their personal lives or by changes within their department.  McKittridge and Morgan are the quintessential professionals, compartmentalizing their lives in a way as to let them solve the case without distractions.

The story is engaging and flows naturally, the suspense building as it moved closer to the date of the next murder.  I liked the slow build to a satisfying conclusion.  Sometimes you have to be an observer to the solving of mysteries and not a participant, and Ten Days Gone is a perfect example of that.

What I Wish

This review was unusually difficult for me to write because I didn’t connect with either of the main characters – my feeling towards them and their challenges remaining ambivalent throughout the novel.  It didn’t even bother me that the novel’s end resolves none of the personal problems except for the mystery of what Gabe Morgan is hiding.

I spent time reflecting on why I couldn’t connect to them, yet I connected with some of the minor characters – Gabe, Tess, and Carrie. I think it is because a lot about the detectives’ personal lives is told to me at the beginning of the story. In contrast, with the minor characters, I was shown things about them, their personalities, and their reactions to events. Showing versus telling is ideal, and I think that finding out about characters slowly makes a big difference to me and my ability to connect with them.

To Read or Not to Read

Ten Days Gone is a very good police procedural mystery, keeping me on the edge of my seat most of the time – and if this is a sub genre that you enjoy -then this is a good choice for you. The main characters need some time to grow but there are some great support characters and plenty of thrills.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I love a ticking clock story. But I love a story where I can connect to the characters even more. Shame about that. Thanks for the honest review.

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    1. Yeah, I do too. If I can connect to the characters, there are lots of other things I can overlook. But if that connection is not there, I don’t enjoy the book as much.


  2. Police procedurals are so hit or miss with me, but I do love the sound of the blurb on this one. Gabe, in particular, sounds fabulous. I think it’s hard to get through a book with characters you don’t connect to in some way or another. Sometimes the side characters are just the best, and there’s no helping that. Thanks for the great review!

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  3. I always find police procedurals hit or miss. When it’s a miss, it’s usually for the reason you cited–not connecting with the main characters. I really need a bond with at least one character in order to become invested in the book. That cover, however, is fabulous.

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  4. Ooh baby I loved this. I was so exhausted because of my weekness, I could listen to this book easily without really staining my brain. My brain was too tired to connect to anyone I just wanted a whodunit.

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