Book Review | A Longer Fall by Charlaine Harris

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My review of the first book, An Easy Death, can be found here.

Book Description

#1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris returns with the second of the Gunnie Rose series, in which Lizbeth is hired onto a new crew, transporting a crate into Dixie, the self-exiled southeast territory of the former United States. What the crate contains is something so powerful, that forces from across three territories want to possess it.

In this second thrilling installment of the Gunnie Rose series, Lizbeth Rose is hired onto a new crew for a seemingly easy protection job, transporting a crate into Dixie, just about the last part of the former United States of America she wants to visit. But what seemed like a straight-forward job turns into a massacre as the crate is stolen. Up against a wall in Dixie, where social norms have stepped back into the last century, Lizbeth has to go undercover with an old friend to retrieve the crate as what’s inside can spark a rebellion, if she can get it back in time.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse mysteries and Midnight, Texas trilogy) is at her best here, building the world of this alternate history of the United States, where magic is an acknowledged but despised power.

My Review | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Favorite Character:  Lizbeth and Eli as a team.

I loved them both in the first book, and I loved them even more in the second book. Both live by a strict code, will kill when necessary, and love complicatedly. Eli is a magician from the Holy Roman Empire (which used to be California), and Lizbeth is a gunslinger from Texoma (formerly Texas). Together, they make a different kind of magic. They solve mysteries together, and it takes both to do it successfully.

What I Loved About A Longer Fall

The setting is incredibly detailed. It is set in Dixie and holds many of the same features as the real deep south that the reader will recognize along with the unique twists that the story brings. It’s both relatable and disturbing, and I laughed when the main characters discovered the very southern ”one meat and two sides” meal and wildlife, such as alligators.

Book Two is still taking on bold subjects. With the setting being Dixie, it was no surprise to me that the bold issue in this story is racism and the inequalities that still existed once slavery was abolished. It’s an illuminating look at the history of racism in our society as well as the world in the novel.

I loved that the main characters grew from book one to book two. They have become even more complicated with their hopes, and their dreams are starting to come out a small little bit at a time, particularly Gunnie Rose, who, by her very nature is pragmatic to a fault. You also start to see glimmers of the inner conflict of Eli, who is usually calm, relaxed, and together. They both have solid walls built up, and I loved that I witnessed some small breaks in both of their defenses.

A Longer Fall is very fast-paced.  I finished it more quickly than I expected because I could not stop flipping those pages eagerly and rapidly. There is a special something about the story that makes me feel like I do when I take the first bite of a delectable dessert. It hits just the right spot.

What I Wish About A Longer Fall

My only wish about the story is that it had ended with more loose ends tied up – not all loose ends – just a few more. I enjoyed the way Book One ended and was surprised that book two ended with so many questions.

To Read or Not to Read

This book and series will appeal to fantasy lovers, mystery thriller book lovers, and even lovers of historical fiction, so everyone will find something they love about it! A must-read!!!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I’m really curious about what’s in that crate, LOL!
    I had no idea Harris had started a new series. I’m sure fans are gobbling it up!

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    1. That is a very interesting plot twist! I love that it’s fantasy setting with a mystery plot. A mix of my two favorite genres ❤️

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    1. Trying to keep your reviews in mind- Charlaine Harris is excellent at world building and I think you would like the mystery aspect of this novel (and the one before). Harris wrote the Stackie Sookhouse series that was made into a show by HBO called True Blood. The Gunnie Rose (this one) series is much different than that one and the show was much different than the books.
      I think you should definitely give it a try. I will be surprised if you don’t love the main character and the mystery/suspenseful plot.


      1. I didn’t like Stackie hence I think I never tried this author. The television series – I hated… Hence

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        1. I didn’t like the tv series either. This book and series is completely different than the other. The main character is strong and brash type – a woman in a man’s world. She’s like an Annie Oakley type with snark and panache. Might be worth a sample to see if it is different enough for you.


  2. This sounds so good and so unique. I love alternative histories that include magic. That’s real alternative! I’m going to browse over to the first in the series – a good starting place. Thanks for the recommendation!

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      1. I almost picked it up. I’m so cheap and 8.99 for a kindle… I feel like a little old lady complaining about the price of socks. Ha ha. Tell me it’s worth it and I’ll get it.

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        1. I posted a link to a preview on my post a few weeks ago for the first book,

          (Ignore what the link says – I was going to post the Patterson book but changed my mind and the WordPress gods had already assigned that as the slug)

          In that post is the amazon link with a preview button. Read the preview and see what you think.

          I got lucky and got it on sale for 4.99 but I would pay 8.99. Though, I already know that I love it so hindsight and all.
          Check your library too. I know ours does digital books, yours may too.

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