Wednesday Roundup: Looking ahead to August…

I will be reviewing the following books in August and posting on the indicated date. August 6, 2019 (In stores, Aug. 1, 2019) Click on book cover to go to Goodreads Ever Alice by H.J. Ramsey YA Fantasy A haunting book with lots of discussion potential. I can see it working well for a book… Continue reading Wednesday Roundup: Looking ahead to August…

Penne Dreadful Is Anything But Dreadful

Mystery Book Review | Penne Dreadful by Catherine Bruns Poisoned Pen Press ▪️ July 30, 2019 ▪️ 416 pages In stores today! Penne Dreadful, a new mystery series by Catherine Bruns, is a full-bodied novel with a spicy finish that leaves you excited for more.  In this emotional opener, the reader meets Theresa Esposito, Tess… Continue reading Penne Dreadful Is Anything But Dreadful

A Classic Heroic Journey for Sci-Fi Lovers

Science Fiction Book Review | Medusa in the Graveyard by Emily Devenport Tor Books ▪️ July 23, 2019 ▪️ 304 pages In stores today! Dear Reader, Medusa in the Graveyard is a grippingly provocative science fiction novel that is hard to put down. Continuing the story of Oichi Angelis and her partner Medusa, we travel… Continue reading A Classic Heroic Journey for Sci-Fi Lovers

The Pawful Truth Comes Out

Mystery Book Review | The Pawful Truth by Miranda James Berkley Publisher ▪️ July 16, 2019 ▪️ 288 pages In Bookstores Today!!! Dear Reader, The Pawful Truth is a fun and salacious installment in the Cat in the Stacks series by Miranda James. Charlie Harris, along with his trusty Maine Coon cat, Diesel, enjoys the… Continue reading The Pawful Truth Comes Out

A Modern Conclusion to a Classic Fairy Tale

YA Fantasy Book Review| The Return Of King Lillian by Suzie Plakson Pilmsthistle & Co. Publishers ▪️July 9, 2019▪️390 pgs In bookstores today!! Dear Reader, Have you ever wondered what happened after the child declared that the Emperor wore no clothes when no one else dared?  Who was this brave child, and what happened to… Continue reading A Modern Conclusion to a Classic Fairy Tale

How will the world end?

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Review | Wanderers by Chuck Wendig Del Rey Publishers ▪️ July 2, 2019 ▪️ 800 pages In Bookstores Today! Dear reader, Wanderers takes the reader on an thrilling journey of self-discovery. An epic apocalyptic sci-fi novel that rings true in a disturbingly fantastical manner, the story follows two sisters – Shana and Nessie… Continue reading How will the world end?

YA Fantasy Book Review | The Evil Queen by Gena Showalter

Ink yard Press ▪️ June 25, 2019 ▪️ 544 pgs Dear Reader, From the first sentence of Chapter 1, I was hooked and could not put the book down. The Evil Queen is a masterful, contemporary retelling of The Snow White fairytale (Grimm and Disney) and has appeal to its intended young adult audience as… Continue reading YA Fantasy Book Review | The Evil Queen by Gena Showalter