Book review | Nora Roberts Brings Light to the 2nd book in the Chronicles of the One series

St. Martins Press · December 2018 · 453 pages


4 starsDear Fantasy Reader,

This week I enjoyed Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts, one of the most prolific writers of romance and fantasy fiction. After the disturbing yet compelling first novel in Nora Robert’s Chronicles of the One trilogy, this second installment is a much lighter, more fast-paced part of the story.

In Book 1, darkness overtakes the world and the tone, pace, and mood of the book reflects this, making it cumbersome to read at points. In book 2, light begins to rise up in order to fight the dark. The book focuses primarily on Fallon, the One prophesied to lead the fight against the darkness and the reader enjoys experiencing her training from the sidelines. Fallon starts out as a young thirteen year old who knows what her destiny is but does not understand what she will face or what it will take to defeat it. By the end of the book, her character is more reminiscent of Joan of Arc, still young but fierce, strong, and ready to lead an army to victory and bring light back to the world.

The one criticism I have however, is the large cast of characters. There are too many characters to easily remember. Their names will jog your memory from the first novel in the trilogy, but then you may not be able to recall the specific story behind the character. This is a shame though, because each character’s story is rich and complex and should be remembered to enjoy the many layers that the story holds.

The plot is chronological and easy to follow. It takes place over two to three years and at no point does it drag on. You will want to savor each and every word, as each part of Fallon’s training is interesting to learn about. Her developing magical skills and ability to kick butt are fun and her personal growth is rewarding, making the reader root joyfully knowing that good has a real shot at winning.

The pace of the novel is fast. You won’t be able to put it down, making the 453 pages feel like much less. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for another year before the conclusion comes out – before light and dark duke it out once and for all.

If you have never read Nora Roberts’ fantasy books, this is a good series to discover all that she has to offer to the genre.