Book review | An Inspiring Trip Beyond the Pearly Gates

Published 2018 ◼️ 224 pages

Dear fans of inspirational fantasy fiction,

In this sequel to The Five People You Meet in Heaven, we follow the journey of the young woman, who Eddie died saving in the first novel, beginning on her wedding day.  Annie finds love and marries, yet she can’t help but wait for something bad to happen because that is the story of her life.  She doesn’t feel that she is worthy of love, but Paulo still finds her time and again. They marry and go on a romantic journey that sets the events in motion that allow us to see who Annie will meet in heaven and why.  With an unexpected twist at the end, you will be left with a sense of peace in the belief that all things happen for a reason.


December, with its multitude of religious holidays, is the perfect time to read this inspirational book.  For though it is about death, it provides a sense of reassurance that, yes, there is an afterlife and a purpose.  Inevitably, no matter how strong your faith is, there are times when you wonder, “what happens when I die.  Am I just gone or is there really an afterlife.”  People fear death, fear the unknown, even fear the known of being gone and what that will mean for loved ones.  This story helps the reader see that there is nothing to fear and provides a sense of peace from the story it tells.


I was left confused by the title, as the story is another character meeting her five people in heaven.  There is no next person except within the lineup of the five but as the story unfolds you forget about the title and just want to know what happened.  With its fast pace, you find out sooner rather then later, so it’s a book you will be able to find time to read even in this busy holiday season.


The characters are multi-faceted and completely believable.  They are not caricatures of black and white morality, they are real people with lives not easily defined by good and evil, heaven and hell.  The lessons they learn on the way to heaven are the lessons we all need to learn and Albom provides us the framework to begin that journey here and now rather than once we have passed away.

Highly recommended inspirational book that does not focus on religion, though the beliefs running through it are Christian in nature, I believe that it is a story to which everyone can relate.

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