Book review | Stephanie Plum has Never Been More Alive

Published 2018

Dear Mystery Reader,

Janet Evanovich never disappoints and her latest book is a testament to that. Since 1994, we have enjoyed the comical antics of main character Stephanie Plum, lingerie salesperson turned bounty hunter, Lula, reformed street walker who is bigger than life, and the entire supporting cast of characters. Loosely based on Evanovich’s own life growing up in New Jersey, she entertains us as Stephanie gets covered in yuck, blows up things, and still unwittingly solves the mystery.

The full review

In this latest book, Harry the Hammer has acquired a deli when a bonded felon flees the country. Stephanie is assigned to manage it while going after skips, a job she is decidedly bad at but that is part of the fun. The previous managers of the deli have gone missing, leaving only a shoe behind. Ranger and Morelli ensure that Stephanie is not the next manager kidnapped, but when Hal, one of Ranger’s men, goes missing the race is on to find where the kidnappers are keeping the victims.

The Deli catches fire, Stephanie ends up covered in egg, steals a cat, and mans a food truck, but in the end, the mystery is solved. It’s all looking up until Grandma Mazur calls from an airplane. She’s finally found a man and she’s run off with him. The only problem is that he’s Harry the Hammer’s #1 solver of problems in a mob sort of way.

To say the fun never ends is no exaggeration. If you want to read a book that literally has you laughing out loud, this is the book for you. Thank you Janet Evanovich for bringing us Stephanie Plum