Book review | Fantastic Beasts Fizzles

Published 2018 Dear fans of fantasy fiction, I hate that I am going to join the critics because I think Rowling did a remarkable job with the writing of the Harry Potter series, but her latest published screenplay, The Crimes of Grindewald, was an unfortunate addition to the Harry Potter franchise. It lacked cohesion and… Continue reading Book review | Fantastic Beasts Fizzles

Book review | Stephanie Plum has Never Been More Alive

Published 2018 Dear Mystery Reader, Janet Evanovich never disappoints and her latest book is a testament to that. Since 1994, we have enjoyed the comical antics of main character Stephanie Plum, lingerie salesperson turned bounty hunter, Lula, reformed street walker who is bigger than life, and the entire supporting cast of characters. Loosely based on… Continue reading Book review | Stephanie Plum has Never Been More Alive

Book review | Remarkable Things Can Happen to Unremarkable People

Published 2018 Dear sci-fy reader, In Hank Green’s debut novel, we take a close look at the human condition as it pertains to fame and fear of the unknown. Green said that he was influenced by the Dune series, but I found it showed more commonalities with 2001: A Space Odyssey by Anthony Clarke. Fortunately,… Continue reading Book review | Remarkable Things Can Happen to Unremarkable People

Book review | Girls Rule and Boys Drool

Published 2018 Dear dystopian fan, Imagine a world where women have one role, that of servant.  Within this world, two sisters want nothing more than the status quo.  Through happenstance, each is inspired to grow and fight against the beliefs they once held dear.  Looking deeper into the story This YA dystopian novel’s theme of… Continue reading Book review | Girls Rule and Boys Drool

Book Review | Year One by Nora Roberts

A look at the plot Year One by Nora Roberts failed to grab me at first. Looking back, one of my main challenges was the background knowledge needed.  Especially knowledge of Celtic mythologies and traditions as they play a major part in setting up the story.  Another challenge was the large cast of character you… Continue reading Book Review | Year One by Nora Roberts