Book Review | Blood Communion by Anne Rice

You cannot make angels of us, Lestat. Angels we are not. We are killers.”  – Marius

This quote is both fact and foreshadowing of what’s to come as Lestat reflects angelic traits and asks others to do the same; traits that are not common to vampires.  In “Blood Communion,” the latest installment, and perhaps the final book, of the Vampire Chronicles, we find Lestat, once the brat prince, growing into a magnanimous prince ruling over all the vampires from his childhood chateau.  Because of his new-found role and beliefs, he sets out to form a blood communion among all 3000 vampires who walk the planet.  But, Roshamandes, one of the oldest vampires in existence, wants no part of it and wages war on Lestat after his lover makes a choice that can never be undone.  It looks like many of the vampires that readers have grown to love over the last 42 years will perish in this war that is more personal than it is ideological.  Will this be the end, or will the Blood Communion come to fruition?

As always, Anne Rice does not rely on exposition instead takes the reader on a journey from one event to another and from one theme to another.  Themes of forgiveness, fealty, love, and loss all play prominent roles as Lestat’s forgiveness of Roshamandes is paid in kind with the destruction of loved ones and the eventual fealty and love by the other vampires.  Lestat’s world is a new world for which Roshamandes does not have a role and a plot device that acts as a foil for the peace and love that Lestat has grown to stand for and holds dear no matter what he is faced with.  You will not be able to stop turning the page as you will wonder what is coming next.

By the end of the book, the vampires have grown closer to angels as reflected in Marius’s great fresco on the ceiling of the ballroom.  Typically, a medium that portrays angels and saints, Marius painted all the great vampires that are and have been.  Much as the frescos of old that depicted holy communion, this fresco depicts a communion of souls with hands clasped, the blood communion.  The only difference is that these are vampires not saints.

If this is Anne Rice’s last installment in the Vampire Chronicles series, it will end the saga in a good place, one that comes full circle from the humans they were to the vampires they grew to be.  It is a must read for Anne Rice fans and does not disappoint.

Because they were indeed my people, my tribe, my family.  And whatever happened hereafter wouldn’t be just my story.  No , it would be the story of us all. – Lestat

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